Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Week/Weekend :)

What a week! Last Thursday me, Zack, and my sister in-law Erin took off for AZ. Zack's dear, sweet grandfather past away the previous week :( He was such a wonderful person to be around, everyone just adored him. There was a great memorial for him and SO many people made it just a wonderful experience- it truly reflected the wonderful life he lived.
Zack and I were able to stay with my family, well we stayed in an empty house that they are getting ready to move into. it was perfect. The Memorial happened to land right on our anniversary :) it was great to be with family for such occasion! We had a wonderful time being with so many people and are so grateful we had the opportunity to be there with everyone! We made our way back to Utah- where we realized just how dark a basement apartment can get at night :) Our electricity was turned off! An hour after we left for AZ we got a call from our upstairs neighbors saying there had been a fire in their bathroom! so all the power went out for 5 days! we're so grateful to our neighbors, Brent and Katie, who stored our meat for us so it wouldn't spoil!! Thankfully the sun rises early so it wasn't a problem in the morning :)