Why I Blog

Looking back on my childhood I wouldn't say that I was creative or crafty. In fact I hated crafts. I'm really bad at them, and I still hate them. I did however, really enjoy writing. I thought it was amazing how someone could express what they were feeling with printed words. Now I wouldn't say that I'm good but I feel confident and comfortable writting so that's what matters right? I think it's because I can take my time and figure out how I'm really feeling about a situation. If I were to just start talking about my feelings I get all mind boggled and confused and frustrated and end up in tears. Okay not every time, but it's happened, ask Zack. So with writing I am free to say what I want in a tactful way, to express myself in a way that vocally, I can not do easily. I started blogging because we'd just gotten married and I thought it would be fun. But then I got bored because I didn't take pictures and I was always waiting for something to happen so I could write about it. But you married couples out there know that huge events don't come very often especially if you're trying to save every penny you can and have a very limited budget so you can't just jet off to Hawaii or do a ski trip every weekend.

It was when I was starting to feel pretty low about myself and what my purpose was, that I discovered this amazingly cute Mormon blog. Her name is Natalie. She helped me, through her blog posts, realize that life is beautiful. Even if we are not always having these grand adventures all the time. I can still appreciate the small and simple things about our life right now and about my marriage to an incredible man. 

And so, that's how I decided to start blogging again. The first year and a half flew by and what memories do I have? Well some really good ones but pretty much only big events. I have a terrible memory so being able to go back and read about the time we made brownies or the time the power went out is amazing to me. 

I guess you could say this is my journal.