Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fire Flies and Lighting Bugs- or Are They the Same Thing?

hey there
sorry for the absence. you will never gues where i am right now. iowa. gardner iowa. super fun. let me tell you a little about iowa around july 1st to 3rd 2011. its hott. like 105 degrees with 95 percent humidity. i literally wanted to walk round nked. i went running and i was sweating like crazy but not cause i was working hard, no, it was due to the incredible heat.
and then friday evening there was a huge storm. as we were admirng the lightnigh bugs it started raining like crazy. when we arrived back at the hotel all the power went out from all of the buildings surrounding the hotel. we gathered in the pitch black loby with tons of strangers waiting to check in. it was pretty funny.
so im blogging on my phone and i cant figure out how to capitalize my letters and howto get other punctuations other than a comma and a period. so please excuse the mess of a post. also i dont know how to add captions to the pictures, so here they are, we had yogart that was to expire on june 31st. the other picture is a picture of a couple of my cute nices and nephew riding in a tracker. its so funny listening to children talk when they arent with adults. one nephew asked me if there was humid in asia. then he said oh like in the indonisian forest. he is 7. no idea how he knows about the indonisian forest..
wo my phone wont let me upload those pictures. soooo...this is awkward rain check. okay. thanks.


  1. Love it! I live in Iowa. I sympathize with the heat (it is probably the hottest week we will have this summer) and sympathize with posting from the phone. Fire Flies, Lightning Bugs same. Have fun!

  2. Bet you're missing AZ right about now :) haha we got up to 116 the other day but at least there was no humidity. Sounds like Iowa is fun though. Can't wait to see pics!