Sunday, June 26, 2011

Play me a song

We got a piano.
Yes, a real piano.
Where shall we put it you ask?
I have not a clue. Our apartment is far too small.
Do we play?
No. Zack can play a lovely song but that's about it.

But we got one and it is a terrible mess, but sounds lovely.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Some lovely posts created by lovely people just to make me smile-
I love when crafty beautiful girls can take an
ugly dress and make it beautiful

Purses I am dying to add to my wardrobe

on another note (not too high pitched, just a medium soft tone note)- our bathroom is getting fixed today ("yay!" I can hear you chant on my behalf. thank you).

Also last night we watched Benny and Joon with our good friends Quin&Nicole. It was lovely.
If you haven't seen that movie, please watch it.
If you have seen it and you liked it, please see it again.
If you saw it but you didn't really like it I order you to watch it again and again until you do like it. I'm certain you will find love for it.
Wasn't Johnny Depp just astonishing? (typical Johnny Depp-crazy man role)

I hope the weekend is fantastic. Here is your weekly does of farm animals to keep you happy because, well, aren't cows adorable? And how about my husband? wait don't answer that- I already know.


P.S. I love you
P.S.S. don't worry, There will more than likely be more farm animals to come. I was pretty obsessed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banana Sink

*NOTICE* Please disregard the mess you are about to encounter. I will clean it up after you take a peek. This was just too funny to not share

This is what happens when I don''t give Zack enough sleep, or when he is watching sports while making food:

Dear Zack,
I know I've left the kitchen a mess, but the sink is no place for your garbage. Please remove and dispose of in proper place. Thank you, Love. You Rock.


a sweet kiss


alright, so I may be wayyy behind everyone else because apparently this circulated around the globe faster than you can say "lickity, split" but i am in love with this picture. looks as though its an image straight from Hollywood. How romantically sweet.

Monday, June 20, 2011

the second little piggy built his house out of brick...first with wood

a few weekends ago zack decided we should just build our own house. how does it look
i know it seems a bit small but it really is quite spacious.

okay you caught me. thats not our house. i lied, okay. but zack did help with building this shed at his sisters house. check out those muscles. and farmers

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sabbath. Happy Father's Day.

Oh what a happy day. Can I just say how nice it is to wake up early Sunday mornings and listen to it rain outside? Can I tell you how much it sucks that my dear Zachary has to leave for work at 5:30 AM so I am left here to try to fill my time lest I go insane!

Well enough about me. Today is about Fathers. I dedicate this post to all Fathers, soon-to-be Fathers, and someday-will-be Fathers but especially to my Dear Dad. He is a rock star. literally.

A few years ago he decided he wanted to play the guitar. And he did. I hope that some day he and I can play a song together.

A few years before that, he decided he wanted to become a cyclist. And he did. He got the whole family involved and we would go on long Saturday morning rides together and participate in races.

Around that same time my dad decided he wanted to learn how to be a really good chef (I don't know if that was his ultimate goal, but it happened). He is so good at cooking. I love being in the kitchen with him and watching him cook. He teaches me new techniques every time.

He made my wedding cake you know. Yes, he did. It was a giant cupcake. I'll have to find a picture and show you.

I remember going camping with my family most years of growing up. My dad would pack everything up in the camp trailer and when we got to the camp ground he would unpack everything and make it super comfortable.

The last several Octobers he's taken the family down to Rocky Point, Mexico and we would stay there for a week or so. He was so good about letting us just go out and play while he set up camp. I don't know exactly how long it would take him but I sure appreciate it and I'm so sorry I did not help more.

My dad taught me how to drive the boat and dock it. When I would get super frustrated and I would be in tears wanting to give up, Dad would not let me. He would just smile and say "try again. you're fine". I'd get so mad at him. Thanks Daddy!

I swear my dad can fix anything. He is amazing. Whenever I have issues and need to fix something I call my dad.
I call my dad for everything. You can tell he truly cares.

I love you Dad! So very much. Thank you for everything.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sugar and Bushes. then Shopping

me: hey babe do you care if i still go to D.I?
Moonfish. no that's great.
Me: ... do you want to come...?
Moonfish: sure I'll come
me: Are you sure? It's going to be pretty boring and...well...I might take a while
Moonfish: if you don't care then maybe I won't come...
(we haven't reached the point where we can be completely honest without beating around the bush but we are to the stage where we can see the honesty without the sugar.)

And this is why I don't recommend Zack coming with me on shopping extravaganzas:

Scary, huh?
I tried all of it on. Only took me. . .45 mins?
I'm pretty quick. I tried to put all of it back, (because lets face it, employees really don't deserve to have to find a place for all of these just because I felt like playing dress up)
but the cute little old lady insisted that I put them on her clothes rack. She is sweet. Bless her dear heart.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How long before I give in. .

i thought craving sugar was just a natural way of life. it wasn't until i couldn't stop thinking about chocolate and cookies and ice cream while at work that i realized i might have a problem

articles i have read told me that sugar cravings and complex carb cravings go hand in hand. if you want one, you want the other. that is exactly me. i love salty almost as much as sweet. when i try to be honest with myself about which i like better i can hardly think.

at work i have access to sugar in all different forms. all covered in chocolate heaven (or hell, how ever you think of it) A co-worker told me that it's satan's fault that I love chocolate. He told me that eating Chocolate is a sin. . .really? Thanks for the judgment.

i try to stay away. truly. but it is so darn impossible. i know that i get sugar highs and then i crash and i literally fall asleep on my desk.

everything i have read about in the last 2 hours at work somberly disctrict sugar addiction like a drug or alcohol addiction. i have yet to find a sugar and carb rehab facility near by. i think there is one in fiji though...

So now that i have confessed my greatest "sin" to the blogging world, i suppose i should tell you how i'm going redeem myself.

i don't know yet. i need to eat more food so that when i do get bored and hungry i will reach for the veggies and only glace toward the Drawer of Chocolate Death. I need a support team. So far Zack has joined. And that's the only team member i need at this point. He is a rock star Moonfish.

K, i love you.

ma certo!

isnt he just the cutest. we saw him on center street by an italian place. i had to take a picture. obviously.

Good Morning, Good Morning


Can my hobby be photography even though I suck at taking pictures?
I imagine when I'm older and we have a home of our own that I will have a room that has a wall covered in black and white images from our years past framed in classic silver and with a 3 inch matte around the picture hung on a solid white brick wall.
Aren't pictures just so fascinating? I wonder what they will be like when our children grow up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Warm Beautiful Wednesday!

I woke up one early morning from a dream feeling disgusting. In the dream I had been taking shot after shot of some vile concoction. I'm pretty sure it was suppose to be vodka but I have never tasted the revolting liquid so I couldn't tell you for certain. All I know is it did not make me want anything but water to flush the imaginary drink from my system. I have expressed my feelings about dreams before but I can tell you this one will not come true. Especially because i have thought about it so much. Those dreams usually don't come true.Usually.

I have realized a thing or two about myself in the past little while. I jump from hobby to hobby and never perfect one. Remember when I was in reading books to become cultured? Well that didn't last long. Reading about Rome was only interesting for so long. Remember when I went through my learn how to play guitar faze? Well you probably don't unless I told you in person because I didn't blog about that adventure- that's how quickly it past. It did last much longer than learning a song and a half. Then I was on my running faze. I shy away from pounding pavement. Just sticking to the cross training activities. Most recently I was very into biographies. After reading about a real New York mobster from his sons point of view and a book about the wonderful life of Gandhi, I didn't even pick up the book about the lovely bliss of George and Laura Bush's marriage.
Now I'm wanting another passion. Last night I asked Zack if we could take a year off and study music in Europe so I could someday be talented enough to audition for The Voice. But I decided that would not do anything for my goal of buying a house and have cute little Zack Jr.s running around the house in their socks.
How lovely would it be to sit on this beach every evening listening to the waves?

(If I told you this was a beach from South Carolina would you think of Nicolas Sparks and his romantic novels?)

Well having children and going to their school concerts and throwing parties for every year we make it closer to the babies growing up sounds ever better.
A Saturday lunch with the family

(yes. I will be wearing dresses and serving the food with a smile and perfect posture)

I day dream about the days Zack and I will sit on our front porch watching our children play with the dogs and waving to neighbors as they go for evening walks, stopping by at a friend's house just to say hello and let the children play "while mommy visits."

Those will be happy years. Although, I cant imagine being happier than I am now I'm sure it can only get better. So I hear from veterans who have been married long than Zack and I.

Summer is the best time of year. I love wearing light flowy shirts and dresses that won't fly up when the wind sneaks up underneath but are light enough to not be uncomfortably hot. Any fun summer plans for anyone out there? We're headed to Iowa and FL. And hopefully. . . AZ! What are you doing?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Love Note

Dear Zack,
You're at work right now. But you emailed me from campus to let me know that you forgot your phone. I was sad to hear that news. I have no way of reaching you to find out if you made plans for this evening or if I should plan on making us a yummy dinner (we haven't had any yummy dinners as of late).
I decided that I was to use the back yard more often. I know that our neighbor girls are always in the back yard but it's just as much our yard as theirs! and I want to use the deck. I'm thinking of moving a small table and chairs out here so that you and I can enjoy some time out in the open air. I think that is why we aren't getting better- we're stuck inside! Our sick germs are just circulating. So if you would like- I'd love to have you join me for dinner tonight! I'm thinking of making Salmon and Vegetables. what do you think? Well I think I will make it anyways and hopefully you will be hungry enough to eat. Since it will still be light outside, plan on eating in the back yard.
You and I deserve a nice little date without the distraction on TV. I know there is a game on that you want to watch so I shall try to keep it quick.
Wow Moonfish. You sure are awesome. I love when you call me just to make sure that I made to to work safely. and when you text me and say "I love you wife face!" Those things make me smile out loud.
When you say, "Ah come on!" that is really funny too.
Thanks for letting me treat you to a nice dinner at Outback every once in a while. I know it's really something special for you.
Well moonfish- tomorrow, don't forget your phone!!
I love you!
Your Wife Face