Thursday, January 27, 2011

to crawl to bed

It was one of those days. the one where you know it's going to be a good day. I woke up- not feeling rushed. swished my feet around the cold sheets to wake my warm cozy body up. This morning I stretched an awful lot more than normal- almost to the point of breaking a sweat! It was nice. I tried a new do for the hair and it turned out better than anticipated. A style that is really actually bold of me, but with it being one of "those days" and all, I had the confidence - and that's rare. My dear sweet husband dropped me off at the bus stop where I barely made it on in time. My usual seat was taken by a stranger (I thought an angry thought about them) which wasn't my favorite moment, but that's okay- it's one of "those days". Head phones are in, T-Swift is singing her heart out and I've got my book. What a good morning.
Then it hits me.
Something is just not right. I can feel it. Something is ...
off . My stomach drops as the image creeps in to my memory. My running shoes in my closet. They are still Suddenly a gray cloud hangs over me and I'm pretty sure the passengers around me put up their umbrellas. I peek into my bag with the smallest glimpse of hope that maybe, just maybe, the glorious, kind husband packed them for me...maybe...?
If only I had made him breakfast.
(*note to self- always make breakfast for hubby*)
Well. What am I to do? My perfectly organized day is in pieces. I try to puzzle it back together before I come to my stop. No luck. So I call the only person who can straighten this out.
"I can try to bring them to you between classes", Zack is so sweet.
"No, no, that's silly. I'll be fine."
So here it is. Arriving to work at 8:15 am and will not be fetched by Zack until after 8:00
pm- here goes a lonnngg day.

I manage to make it through the first 4 hours easy as milking a cow. and then the afternoon sweeps over me and overcomes my sanity. Well, I didn't go crazy or anything but I certainly struggle to keep my eyes open!

only eight more hours. I kept yawning to myself.

They went by quickly but then
finally the phone rang.

My Love vibrated on my "silenced" phone (it's really not silent- it vibrates SO loud!!)

"I ran to my car! and now I'm on my way!"
(oh how sweet, my prince is coming to save me from the sleepy eye troll and munchkin yawns)

no more than 15 minutes later- he glides into the parking lot and whisks me away. But I make him drive me straight to the library because I have discovered a new hobby I HAVE to pursue. RIGHT NOW.

I need to learn about Rome. or Spain. or how to grow a garden in the snow.

We finally made our way back to the car and I was happily holding 3 new books that I promise to devote all my free time to. I need to learn about something.

Now it's time to crawl to bed. I'm exhausted.

Be kind to everyone my friends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Listen to this. We're lying in bed, okay? I went to the bedroom first because both of us like to lay on the big couch (we have another smaller couch but NO ONE wants to sit on the love seat alone- I mean it's a love seat, meant for 2 people to SIT) so we're trying to lay on the big couch fighting for more space, our legs get tangled and our backs can't get comfy so I snag the computer and head for the bed. The hubby stays to watch more Australian Open. Anyways, we're finally both in bed- it's almost 11pm by now but suddenly I am WIDE awake. And Zack, well when he comes to bed that means that he is tired. I ask him to cuddle with me, he rolls to his stomach and throws an arm around my waist (more like lays it across my stomach while he is turned away). I don't know about you but that is not cuddling. He gets sick of that position so he rolls on to his side away from me. So I plot. " How can I get this charming young man to pay attention to me?" I slowly slip my arms around him and give him a huge bear hug from behind. Hold it for a minute- not too long, mind you. Then-

Attack!! I tickle him all along his rib cage. he lays there for a sec pretending it doesn't both him, but the little ab twitches are all too telling :) Here comes the warning- " One...Two...Three", he says, hoping I'll stop. But I don't. Then he gets to "five!" and pounce! he tickles and tickles and tickles until I literally could not beg oxygen to come back into my lungs. He drops and rolls away.

.Silence. .It's over.
Round 2.

I plan the second attack
. and he pounces again only this time- no mercy when I call "UNNNCLLLLE!!" I feel as though I will die if this continues much longer so I wiggle myself free from captivity and the very dreaded realization sinks in. I lost.

(P.S. the picture isn't really relevant to the tickleduel that we encountered last night, but I needed to have something )

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

morning vs. sleep

Mrs.: "I'm so tired!"
Mr.: "I'm sleepy too"
Mrs.: "Maybe we should both get hooked on sleep aides so that we can sleep better!"
Mr.: "I sleep fine until you jump on me"

.we live a romantic life.

I could be good at this

You know when you get to that point when you've finished eating cereal and all you're left with is the milk? you have a few options- drink the milk straight from the bowl or fill up your bowl with cereal again, only slightly less than before because there isn't as much milk. This morning I chose the latter..twice :) Oh the guilt. There wasn't much milk left by the time the last refill came around but the last bits were so yummy. please keep in mind that this is not a usual habit of mine- Eating bowl after bowl of cereal, but our dear friend Macy's grocery had an amazing-too good to pass up- sale on our favorite breakfast. Life. Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares. Magic for the morning taste buds. you must think we don't get tasty cereal very ofter. well, we don't. it's too over priced for my liking. so when each happy box is $3.00 off I can't resists and it takes a lot of convincing from the mister to not buy a bazillion boxes. so we stick with 7. Hoping it will last us a month or two since it's coming out of a very strict budget.

We recently revamped the month to month budget. we spoil our selves by eating out far too ofter and snatching up almost whatever we want at the dreading grocery stores (except over priced breakfast treats). So I feel it's my job to keep us in check considering I do almost all the cooking. It's going to take the most careful planning I can possibly manage.

You see, I'm not a very organized person. But this year, I will learn to be. My goal is to be organized enough so that I don't feel overwhelmed by all the daily tasks. I work full time and don't go to school. Nor do I have children yet- so I should have time right?

*Wish me luck*