Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Listen to this. We're lying in bed, okay? I went to the bedroom first because both of us like to lay on the big couch (we have another smaller couch but NO ONE wants to sit on the love seat alone- I mean it's a love seat, meant for 2 people to SIT) so we're trying to lay on the big couch fighting for more space, our legs get tangled and our backs can't get comfy so I snag the computer and head for the bed. The hubby stays to watch more Australian Open. Anyways, we're finally both in bed- it's almost 11pm by now but suddenly I am WIDE awake. And Zack, well when he comes to bed that means that he is tired. I ask him to cuddle with me, he rolls to his stomach and throws an arm around my waist (more like lays it across my stomach while he is turned away). I don't know about you but that is not cuddling. He gets sick of that position so he rolls on to his side away from me. So I plot. " How can I get this charming young man to pay attention to me?" I slowly slip my arms around him and give him a huge bear hug from behind. Hold it for a minute- not too long, mind you. Then-

Attack!! I tickle him all along his rib cage. he lays there for a sec pretending it doesn't both him, but the little ab twitches are all too telling :) Here comes the warning- " One...Two...Three", he says, hoping I'll stop. But I don't. Then he gets to "five!" and pounce! he tickles and tickles and tickles until I literally could not beg oxygen to come back into my lungs. He drops and rolls away.

.Silence. .It's over.
Round 2.

I plan the second attack
. and he pounces again only this time- no mercy when I call "UNNNCLLLLE!!" I feel as though I will die if this continues much longer so I wiggle myself free from captivity and the very dreaded realization sinks in. I lost.

(P.S. the picture isn't really relevant to the tickleduel that we encountered last night, but I needed to have something )

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  1. I feel like I always add pictures that aren't relevant haha! We miss you guys!!! We always say we are going to do a double date... but when are we actually going to do one??!?!?