Monday, July 26, 2010

A Fun, Fun weekend

When it comes to planning weekend nights, Zack and I are usually at a loss. We can't ever decide what to do or who to call. They are usually last minute plans and there's only a few people you can ask to hang out last minute. Friday night was fun- we weren't going to go out at first but then last minute our friends Quin and Nicole called- we met up at a park right behind our house and played a couple games then went to their apartment and played the wii (I suck at it- actually i just suck at games, I'm just there to make people feel better about themselves). Then Saturday night we actually had plans so that was good. Our ward was having a BBQ, so after Zack got home from a long day of golf we went to that. I love our ward. Sunday rolled around and Zack wanted to play monopoly really bad. So we asked Alyssa and Tyler what they were doing- they invited us over and we brought the game. Luckily, Alyssa likes the game as much as Zack and Tyler is naturally good at that (once again, I'm just there to make everyone feel better about themselves). It was a really fun night. A great start to a new week :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Sweet Love

After a stressful ending to my work day, Zack was very sweet and patient with me while I took and made many "off the clock" work calls. He is great and understanding to let me finish everything that I need to do and all the while listen to me vent about my daily worries. I love him for that! I always wish that I can repay him for his support and love- I guess I can just do the same for him!! I guess that's what marriage is about- love and support and helping the other become a better person, Oh it's great! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday- We look forward to it

Sunday afternoons are so relaxing. It's nice having church early- 10:30, it's perfect. We sleep in a little bit on Sundays, who doesn't though? Well, I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't but right now, we aren't one of them. Today was the first Sunday back at our own ward for about 3 weeks- I guess you really learn to appreciate your own ward. It's nice to be around familiar faces.

I made a yummy dinner tonight with the help of Zack :) We made chicken, mashed potatoes (not quite as good as Mom's yet) and the best corn on the cob! (just boiled, but I made a really good honey-butter with cinnamon). I'm glad I really enjoy cooking- Zack would be so sad if I didn't enjoy it so much :)

After dinner, we went and took a little nap before Zack left for work at 9:15. It's sometimes hard for me to want to get out of bed after we've been sleeping for so long, but our room is getting so HOT! I don't know why- we need a fan I guess. We've opened the windows but that's not enough for us I guess. Oh well.

It's all over. . .

Soccer. We're finished for the year. I'm sad about it honestly. Soccer has been so fun to go to and be with the other wives and parents. And i know that Zack is going to miss his teammates- they're great friends to him. But there are pros about having this time consuming sport over for Zack. I mean for One- I get to spend more time with him! After I get home from work, he'll be here at home :) Then we have hours together before work. It'll be so nice. Zack's been working so hard with soccer and work and being an amzaing husband, he deserves time to rest. So that brings me to two- he can sleep more! he doesn't have to worry about waking up for soccer practice. Three- We can FINALLY go on hikes together and do other outdoorsy stuff! During soccer it's harder because he works hard at practice and if we were to do something else on top of that it would push him over the edge.

BYU ended the season with a win yesterday playing Ogden outlaws! 3-1.

I'm grateful soccer will forever be a part of my life- I have a new appreciation for it :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


Every morning Zack gets home at exactly the same time, 6:41 am. He then will call me and I meet him outside to move my car. It's the same thing every morning. Then he gets ready for bed. He's just plain exhausted when he gets home. Thankfully it's almost over for him! He needs real sleep. For an entire week. It's hard for him to sleep during the day most of the time, but he's so great and goes on with life even if he is dead tired. With soccer ending this week maybe he'll be able to rest more- I know that we will have more time together, That's what I'm looking forward to the most :) But I'm sad the games are coming to an end. Perhaps next year!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's funny to think that the challenges that you have in life will be so minute when we're older. These things that seem such a big deal to me really don't matter and won't matter in just days. It happens to me all the time, when i get so passionate that something that is just not right and it has to be fixed TODAY, but tomorrow, even if it's not resolved- it won't matter. I try to take things as they come, be relaxed and "go with the flow" but it's harder than I though it would be. Thank goodness for Zack! He keeps my head on straight and shows me whats really important. I love him for that :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family in Town!

This summer has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be :) I thought it was just going to be work, work, work. I've really been enjoying soccer this year which is huge considering I didn't know a thing about it 2 years ago- I didn't even know the world cup only happened every 4 years and that it's kind of a big deal :) (i still can't figure out off-sides. . ) Too bad this is our last year playing at BYU :( we'll just have to wait for our kids to start playing soccer! (no Mom, we're not starting family right now). This past month we've seen SO much family! it's been amazing! First my aunt Shelia and uncle Sam and their amazing family, and then my dear sister Treva, then my Lovely Nana, then Grayson and my Uncle Mark, and just yesterday I dropped of Conner at EFY (I'm so lucky :) ) And of course we have aour family here in Provo with us- Brookie, KC, Owen, Alyssa, and Tyler- I love my family! We also got to see my other cousins for a bit- Dallin, Thomas, Kim, and Kat! it was so fun! and all that doesn't even include Zack's family! Both of his parents came to town :) and Kimmy and Brad and little Lincoln Loggs came down from Ogden (always fun to play with them). And then Zack's sister Amber and her family! (6 total) it was so much fun! I wish i had taken more pictures :(Some day I'll get really good at taking pictures.

We love our family so much and we're so grateful for everyone's support always! Thank you for all you guys do for us!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally, a week off :)

Last week Zack had a break from soccer practice- for a whole week! I was able to get off work an hour earlier (about an hour after Zack wakes up) so that we could spend the evening together before he goes off to work. It was so fun! We made dinner together, we went on walks (both our ankles were out of commission so we couldn't do more than walk, really), my cousin Alyssa and her hubby Tyler came over for dinner(always great seeing them), we just relaxed and even had time to watch a whole movie together! The weather toward the end of the week, unfortunately, wasn't all that great :( just plain rainy. So we weren't able to do everything we wanted to do because most of those activities were outdoors. Friday night we hung out with some friends, played games and started to watch Alice and Wonderland but everyone was falling asleep so we decided to head home early. Zack was really into the movie though- I felt bad we had to leave. Saturday was fun though- as everyone knows, the world cup started. At first I didn't really care to go out anywhere to watch it but after Zack left with one of his friends to go watch it at Iggy's, I felt left out! I didn't want to be out of the loop! So I ended up watching the game too. It was really fun (food was disgusting as Zack put it, I didn't have any). We've started another week filled with soccer practice, practice, practice, and games :) I'm sure Zack is enjoying practice again. Now that he's all healed, for the most part, he is able to practice with the team a lot more. I can't wait for the games this weekend! and the weather is suppose to be nice so that's ALWAYS a plus.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Week/Weekend :)

What a week! Last Thursday me, Zack, and my sister in-law Erin took off for AZ. Zack's dear, sweet grandfather past away the previous week :( He was such a wonderful person to be around, everyone just adored him. There was a great memorial for him and SO many people made it just a wonderful experience- it truly reflected the wonderful life he lived.
Zack and I were able to stay with my family, well we stayed in an empty house that they are getting ready to move into. it was perfect. The Memorial happened to land right on our anniversary :) it was great to be with family for such occasion! We had a wonderful time being with so many people and are so grateful we had the opportunity to be there with everyone! We made our way back to Utah- where we realized just how dark a basement apartment can get at night :) Our electricity was turned off! An hour after we left for AZ we got a call from our upstairs neighbors saying there had been a fire in their bathroom! so all the power went out for 5 days! we're so grateful to our neighbors, Brent and Katie, who stored our meat for us so it wouldn't spoil!! Thankfully the sun rises early so it wasn't a problem in the morning :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

While He's Away

Sleeping in has never been my thing but when you wake up at 10am, what can ya do? I did what I could to not stress out too much over it, I rushed to do dishes and clean a few rooms so that I didn't feel like I totally wasted my morning. Then I was planning to go to the gym but I opted to hike the Y! It was a beautiful sunny day and I didn't want to miss out on it! I hit the trail with myself, a camera (I don't even think it works) and water, I didn't even have music! There's always a point on the hike where I think to myself' "why in the world did I even start this!" and that thought comes about 28 feet into the hike!! It gets pretty intense haha. But I went to the top and back to the bottom in 1 hour and 5 mins! I thought I would get finished quicker but I forgot my knee is hurt and it was SO hard to get back down!! But along the way I met this MASSIVE dog! The couple said he was a husky- Saint Bernard mix. He was gorgeous! After the Y I wasted 2 hours at the mall debating whether or not I would buy something, I ended up not :(

I picked up a book at the library- At First Sight, I was in a Nicholas Sparks mood. I'll see how it goes. Zack comes home soon--can't wait!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

boo for away games :(

Gotta love the family that takes care of you when your hubby is gone- Brookie, KC, and Owen stepped in to make sure I wasn't sitting home alone. We watched The Time Traveler's Wife. I had never seen it but I definitely let some tears out! When Zack is gone I'm a lot more sensitive, I don't know why I watch those kinds of movies when he is gone! I know it's only one night, but that is a really long time when it's your best friend! Oh well, I have a long list of things I can accomplish tomorrow! And then he'll be back by 9 (hopefully sooner) :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Biggest Loser!!!

I love Biggest Loser! I'm so excited it's back on!! (it stopped while the Olympics were going) that show is so motivating!!! Jillian is such a great trainer- but I am so scared of her. I've had a couple dreams where Zack and I have been on the Biggest Loser Couples series (only we weren't over weight) Jillian was so mean to us though ha ha. I love that show because you can see the real reason people are there. Sure winning a ton of money rocks but really they just want their life back. They can't live their life to the fullest, they are trapped in a body that is ruining them. I'm always sad to see people go home because I'm afraid they are going to go back to their old ways. but I love to see them when they go home and lose another 50lbs! I get so excited for them! I think I tear up at least once every show :) it's so great to see them all push for each other to succeed. last week they had a temptation challenge and one guy ate more than 2000 cals in one challenge!! He was so grossed out but he use to eat more than that at every meal before! It's so great to see how the life styles of the contestants change. It's such a great show :)

Bum knee and a new job!!

I'm so bummed. I was all excited to train for my first half marathon, and I was doing SO well in the beginning 2 months but then my knee started getting really sore. So sore that I couldn't run anymore and now it's to the point where I am limping where ever I go. I feel so lame :( I miss being able to just get up and run! but I'm too stubborn to go to the doctor. Zack says I need to get it rubbed out and that it will never stop hurting if I don't, but I just keep thinking it will just get better. I'm ready to start seriously working out again. 45min work out every other day just doesn't cut it for me. I need to have something to work for. I'll have to buck up and find a doctor to help me!!! Because this is just getting ridiculous. I feel stuck and it's not fun at all. But I did start a new job! I got hired at a spa called Canyon Breeze Spa. It's just opening up (we're having our "soft opening" this month) and then a re-opening will happen in April! I'm excited! it's been pretty good. A lot of work and only a few clients. So if any of you need a facial, pedicure, waxing. . . give me a call!!! you can come in! Prices this month are the best. It should be a good job, keep me busy doing something I love- a little stress relief :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and Love!!!

A year ago yesterday Zack asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Best question I had ever been asked!!! It was only a few short months later that we finalized that commitment. Since then it's been the greatest adventure I've ever had! When you marry your best friend, it's easy to have fun everyday. Zack sure makes the ride through hardship blissful. Yesterday, it being the holiday of Valentine's Day, Spent it together at home, I made dinner and dessert. It was great! Valentine's Day is always better when followed by a Monday of no work and school! We spent the morning cleaning our cars and then went to see Valentine's Day-it was a good movie! One of those I'd only see once but it was still good. Tomorrow the week starts again-soccer, school, and work-wish us luck!