Saturday, March 13, 2010

Biggest Loser!!!

I love Biggest Loser! I'm so excited it's back on!! (it stopped while the Olympics were going) that show is so motivating!!! Jillian is such a great trainer- but I am so scared of her. I've had a couple dreams where Zack and I have been on the Biggest Loser Couples series (only we weren't over weight) Jillian was so mean to us though ha ha. I love that show because you can see the real reason people are there. Sure winning a ton of money rocks but really they just want their life back. They can't live their life to the fullest, they are trapped in a body that is ruining them. I'm always sad to see people go home because I'm afraid they are going to go back to their old ways. but I love to see them when they go home and lose another 50lbs! I get so excited for them! I think I tear up at least once every show :) it's so great to see them all push for each other to succeed. last week they had a temptation challenge and one guy ate more than 2000 cals in one challenge!! He was so grossed out but he use to eat more than that at every meal before! It's so great to see how the life styles of the contestants change. It's such a great show :)

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