Monday, July 25, 2011

To be or not to be

So being in AZ is always an adventure. For one, it's hot. Two, my family is crazyyy!! But in a good way. they are loud and funny. Little Bros are adorable. I almost start crying when I think about how much I have missed them growing up.

Moonfish is golfing right now with some buddies and my favorite return missionary cousin ever :) So happy he is home and I was able to see him. So far today I have established that I will be tired this entire trip, if you wake up after 6am it is already too late to go running because of the blazing heat, and I've washed 3 tiny little puppies. so fun.

I just wanted to drop in and say hello to the blogging world.
Anyways. I am loving this skirt over here at NattheFatRat. It makes me smile.

K I better go get some food in my stummy before its too late.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

home sweat home. (seriously, it's like so hot here)

well we made te 10 hourish drive from provo to arizona. finally i get to see my lovely little family. i have been getting texts from people saying, your mom looks so good, for the past few weeks now. and folk, its true. my mom is itty bitty. oh, dont worry she is still one fine foxy lady. but my dad, he is looking fit. man, i have a good looking family. i shall send pictures so you can come to love them too.
hope everything is going well for you
peace. be kind to everyone

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Girl I Never Knew I Was

please let me tell you something that concerns me.
since my sophomore year in high school have feel i have been the same height. 5 foot 6 inches. well then a met a girl or two who also claimed to be 5 foot 6 inches but some how they were taller than me. this made me question what i thought i had been told. or i though those girls must be mistaken.

well last night i got sick of all the rumors going around about me not really being the height i claimed to be so many years now that i decided to put an end to it. turns out, according to the tape measure which resides in zacks tool box ,
i am 5 foot 5 inches.
five foot, five inches.
all these years i would walk around blabbing about my 5 foot 6 inch stature and now all of the sudden i am not. what a joke. had i known sooner i could have had a totally different high school experience. i could have been in a few plays, i could have possibly been a flyer in freshman cheer, i could have kept with cheer and been a cheerleader all through high school which could have led me down a different career path. oh my, life would be so different. thank goodness i didnt find out about this sooner. my married life is far too good to think anything could possibly be better.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What would you call this?

Can you guess what this is?

Ohhh- it's a pillow. . .I would LOVE to find someone who made this look good.

To Judge is to be Ignorant

recently I finished an autobiography written by Marlyn Monroe before her early death at 36. My perspective on her life totally changed. I didn't know a whole lot about her in the first place, all I knew was that she was the sex icon of her time.

well turns out, she didn't want any of that at all. she wanted to be wanted. she wanted to be loved. she wanted to be known.
All growing up she didn't have anyone who wanted her except for manual labor or sex. when she was nine she got her first "prostitution" gig that she didn't want. she got paid a nickle.
Any time she thought she was going to "make it big" turns out she was only wanted because of her curves and mysterious personality.
she was told multiple times that she was NOT photogenic. Ha. that's all I have to say about that.

I am once again reminded that I am far too judgmental.
Oh and another thing- who decided that being poor is funny? I can't understand that at all. Why is it funny that a child has to go to school wearing the same outfit day after day?
Why is it funny when an adult is driving around in a car that is about to fall apart and runs out of gas on the way to work.
It's not funny. So don't laugh please.

Every time I have decided that I didn't like someone it was because I didn't understand them. I didn't know where they were coming from.

I'm trying to not judge.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what a site to see. if anyone was there to see if :)

picture this.
a blonde girl out for an afternoon run on her lunch break. she sees a nice little park she would like to check out. so the girl jogs across the street and just when she reaches the curb on the other side she falls smack on her face.
now picture that girl as me. it was quite embarrassing. no one saw though so dont worry

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Provo Bucket List (to accomplish before we leave Utah

The Hubs and I have been trying to figure out fun things we can do in Provo. We've hiked the Y, we've explored BYU campus, we've fed the ducks at BOTH duck ponds, we've visited J-Daws- twice (not all what I was told). We saw them try to put the fire out when the Provo Tabernacle burnt down. we've gone up the canyon countless times, visted the natural hot springs (disgusting, friends. disqusting) I know there is tons more to do but we are having a tough time finding them.
And so, last night at 6pm we set out to find the adventure. First stop was to pick up the pizza Zack has been craving for weeks (maybe even months). And then, with the beautiful weather and all- the park was calling our name.
Yes, I can eat half a large Domino's pizza. I shouldn't- but I can (if I ever need to).
We just laid in the grass watching couples throw footballs back and forth (we decided the girl was far better than the guy) and playing a game of bad mitten. I often wonder how many of the couples are married. Most of them are just trying to impress the other and try to be as adorable as they can be. It's cute, really.
There was a group of people (college age students) dressed in black and talking really loud. they were setting up some sort of stage and families and couples started laying blankets out gathering around the stage.
Turns out it was "Shakespeare in the Park". I'd heard of it but never knew anyone who had seen it. it was actually pretty entertaining. We decided there were a couple actors that were REALLY talented.
The show ended just before it started looking like rain (which never did end up coming) and we set off to get the dessert Zack has been craving (I've deprived him of all deliciously unhealthy foods as of late). Macy's Soft Service Ice Cream, in a cone of course.
It's finally warm enough to be outside past 7pm so we opted to take it outside instead of at our usual table near the TV.
I hate TV by the way. Takes up so much time.