Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring, please come early this year...

Zackers and I posing with a plastic cactus.

Alright, I think it is time.
"Spring! Come to Utah already!"

I am really getting sick of being cold in my apartment all the time. I'm sick of getting out of the shower and being cold. I'm sick of starting out a run and being cold. I'm tired of having to wear a huge coat to work and then be to hot inside and then too cold if I take it off. Basically, I'm sick of it! I'm no longer talking to Winter. You remember how I asked Snow to come on Thursday and not stay very long? Well, she did. She came Thursday but she invited herself to stay the weekend. And what's even worse is that she would snow all through the middle of the night and all morning until our noses were about to fall off, but then when I rush home from work to play, she decides she's done for the day and melts! Then she teases me again the next day! I'm done. I'm not going to be friends with that one anymore. At least for now. Shesh. Winter really is taking too long. I know it has been "fairly mild compared to past winters" but come on- Spring and Summer are way more fun. These are some of my favorite things about the beautiful summers here:

Sunday with afternoon hikes with Zack to see the water falls up the canyon

Watching nature bring life into the world

Laying in the grass next to my Moonfish and looking at this lovely view

Watching this cute little niece of mine feed the ducks

So as you can see. Spring and Summer are far better than the season of cold. I mean I guess that's why I love, love, love Arizona. I love, love, love the heat. And you know what- I like only having two seasons of hot and warm. I actually think it's charming.

Well, February has come and gone and now we are on to bigger and better things in March! Right? I don't have too big of plans but I have a feeling it will be a good month. Unless it snows. Then March sucks.

P.S. I love you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Day in My Thoughts

When we are finally laying in bed last night, Zack falls asleep right away and my mind is just going a hundred and fifty two miles and hour.
*I need to decorate something.I need to figure out my outfit for tomorrow (if only I had cute tights).I need to figure out what I want to post about next.I need to clean something.I need to take more pictures.What is my hair going to look like tomorrow? (it's almost been a week of no heat).I need to ice my knee. I need to get a full length mirror for our bed room already!I need to buy a present for my friend.My toes hurrrrtttt!!*

I'm laying there trying to get comfy and trying to figure out why I am needing to do all of these things
right now. And so, I look back on my day to see if there was any sign of this coming.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (please sing this, in your head or out loud, in your best Julie Andrews voice because that is how it is written)


I'd say it was a good day. Pretty productive if you ask me. I slept in until 7 (I know that's still early but for me that is sleeping in) stumbled out of bed, limited myself to computer time for only 15 minutes (which, can I say, is extra difficult when every cute bloggist in the world as posted, yet again, another cute blog post) and then I started to clean. I did the dishes, I swept, I organized. It was quite relaxing if I do say so myself.

And then Zack got out of bed around 8:45 and we both got ready and headed for the library. I was working on a few work things (I know, on the weekend! I'm lame, but we already covered that) and Zack had to write this super long paper. We were there for at least 2 hours, until I got bored and started catch up on some light blog reading.

Last minute I decided this would be a good time to go workout with my dear motivating friend Sarah and Zack-attack could watch the BYU basketball game. So while the boys (Zack and Sarah's hubby Daniel) watched the game, Sarah and I were kickin' trash in the work out room.

After that, Zack and I went home and got ready for
Round Two of the library. yum. we headed back and got settled. A couple hours later we finally decided enough is enough and went home.

We ate dinner.

Leftover pizza for Zackers

Yummy cold cereal for me.
My goes out to those in this world who can't appreciate good breakfast food.

After that we went over to my cousin Brookie's house to help paint. It was just so lovely. A fresh coat of paint will brighten anyone's day. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Stupid.

We had to call it quits before 10 though otherwise our car would have been towed or booted (you never can tell what they will do to your car, stupid Provo Parking) and KC took us out to cold stone to curb my craving for something sweet other than chocolate. It was perfect.

Zack and I went home and watched the Karate Kid. Man that kid can fight!


And so, this is how I got myself in this mess. In bed, thoughts all over the place. By the time I reviewed the day I was starting to fall asleep. Just in time.
Thank you.

I shall leave you with something sweet. These are some friends that I have the BEST memories with.
(The left to the right)
Zack: my best friend/hubby. (skip me) Jessica: best friend since forever. Callie: became my friend when she was the only other normal white girl in drivers ed- plus she has sexy arms. Catmann: joined our group when she was smitten by a boy and I'm oh so glad she was. And Mikey in the back: not sure how or why we became friends but we did.

This group of amazing people have gotten me through the toughest times. And I shall love them forever.

P.S. I love you

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dream Catcher

I'm starting to have weird bus dreams. Like the other night in my dream, I was rushing to the bus stop and when I got there, there was a bamillion buses that had my same bus number on them, but I could tell they were all phonies. I had 59.2 seconds to find the right one (okay I don't know how long, but I had to find it quickly). I dashed in between buses, and sprinted past other passengers. And then, I saw it. My bus. With my driver. His name is Caesar. He had the same flashing Eight-Thirty-One as all the other cloned buses except his flashed back and forth from the number to the word FREE (I guess that's how I knew it was my bus? It's hard to tell with these sort of things, you know, in a dream and all). Anyways after reading FREE, all I could say was "okay! I'll take free!" I woke up before I got settled into my seat. "okay that was..different?" I mean what do you say to yourself after you have a dream like that?

Anyways, when I got on the bus that day (in real life now) there was this fancy yellow sign taped over the card reader that said:
Card Reader Out of Order
Therefore- I got a free bus fare. So what does that say about my dream? Is it predicting the future? And so soon... You'll think I'm crazy but I've had dreams that show me scenes from the future. But they don't actually come to pass for like weeks or even months. When I wake up from the dream I don't think anything of it maybe just a "hmmm I've never seen that girl before in my life." And then, you know what, a few months later, I meet that girl from my dream (I was going to label her has "dream girl" but that wouldn't sound right). and I'm 110% positive it is that same girl and we're doing the same thing we were doing in my dream- folding clothes at a store that, at the time of my dream, I had no intentions of working at.

Dreams are crazy. I'm curious to know, Does anyone else have dreams like that? or is this a God-given talent that I'm suppose to use to protect the world??
Probably not. I mean the world doesn't care if I see where I'm going to work in the next year. But it would be cool if I could figure out how to use this power for good! well It's not a power, talent, or gift. I don't think. I think it's just...there. Just to entertain me.

You are probably thinking, "easy. it's de va'ju."
No my friends, it's deep than de va'ju. much deeper. But who knows the meaning of it? I certainly don't. So for now, I will just sit back and watch my dreams. Not do anything with them. Now I sound lazy.

This is a little snippet of our future: Zack taking our babies out for a round of golf when mommy needs a day to herself. Can't wait.

P.S. I love you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Desire to Become Athletic- at age 20 something.

Anyone who's met me knows that I have no athletic abilities at all. I'm not aggressive enough, I don't like it when other people lose and that doesn't even cover my skills which I lack very much. I mean I can do basic things like run and catch a baseball (only if I have a glove) shoot a hoop. I can't, however, catch a football or basketball, kick a soccer ball while running, dribble a basketball while running, I can't even hit a ball straight on a pool table. Yeah- I'm that bad. So when my co-workers in my department suggested a softball team this spring and I said "heck yes!" Zack was shocked
"You're going to have to hit the ball with a bat you know."

"I know."
"You wouldn't even hit one at the batting cages."

"I know but I was so young."

"That was last year."

"Welp, I'm just going to have to practice."

And so, I have to practice.

I also, to expand my athletic knowledge and ability, told my cousins that next Christmas I would play football with them.
You see, every Thanksgiving and Christmas my family gathers for festivities, food, and football. It's delicious. As for me and my family, we never played football. Ever. Not once to I remember going out and passing the ball to my uncle or blocking my cousin. Zack on the other hand, this last year he threw my aunt to the ground (well keep in mind that she is tiny and full of muscle). She can take it. Yeah it's intense. But I'll do it, just you wait. The issue is, I have the LOWEST pain tolerance. It's way way below sea level. I get hurt so easily. It's ridiculous really.

This is me before a long run. I'm trying to look strong.
*don't look at our apartment in the background. Usually it's clean*

P.S. I love you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Lovely Women in My Life

These are some of my favorite women. They have done so much for me in my life. Now remember this is just SOME of them. There are so many others that have influenced my life for the better and I appreciate all they have done for me.
I love all of you beautiful women so much and I'm so happy and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you!

It's me- just wandering about the spaces in my mind

I mapped out a run yesterday. I was suppose to run 9 miles. when i mapped it out on it said that my run would be 9.56 miles. I rounded it to 9.5. I said "Great!" I went out for my run, almost died of dehydration, stopped at the Wilkinson Center to rehydrate, and half speed walked and half jogged the rest of the way home. It was a miserable run. Miserable. but I did it! I went back online to double check my miles.
what? it's gotta be lying. sheesh. all that work for a lousy 8.57. don't get me wrong- that is FAR but I have a schedule to keep here people! I can't get by on 8.57 miles. I'm suppose to run 10 on Saturday! It must have been those stupid brownies that you guys let me eat. Just kidding, I know it wasn't your fault. You would have stopped me, right? Well, I guess this week I will have to step it up on the work outs and cool off on the brownies.
Oh also, I set my hair in curlers yesterday. I left them in for 15 hours and some of them still weren't dry! Maybe i put too much hair in them? But I mean I still managed to make them look somewhat cute? We'll see what the hubbers says when he gets up. I always consult him in my fashion volition.
Yesterday I decided that I really wanted a new necklace. well something different and I didn't want to spend money on anything. I
found a video online on how to make a t-shirt necklace. So i pulled out a few old t-shirts and snipped away! I can already tell Zack is questioning the style, and isn't too sure I can pull it off. We will see. I couldn't try it yesterday because I already had to rollers in my hair and it would have been really hard to get it over my head. I'll take a photo and show it to you guys later. Well after I decide if it's cute.
I decided I shall leave you with a few pictures, but my blogger uploading is going really slow. so maybe later. Have a great day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Round 9??

That's right my friends, I gave in...again. what am I to do when my husband so sweetly requests my famous brownies with a hint of peanut butter? I couldn't possibly just make them and not enjoy the treat, could I? well I didn't think so, and this is what happened:

And this:

Surprisingly, though, this morning I did not wake up with brownie consumer remorse. I knew that I was going to have a good work out and it was okay that I splurged, I mean com'on it's Presidents Day Weekend! I'm pretty sure Mr. President would have wanted me to have that brownie with a cold mug of milk.
They were delicious. But not worth it to be honest. Now I know. Maybe I can stand strong and not be tempted by moist, warm, fresh out of the oven brownies. Maybe.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a snowflake and a snowman walk into a bar...

we live in a tiny apartment. I'm pretty sure I already told you. but let me remind you- it's TINY. We've made it quite cozy though. I love it. It's not too far under ground. i mean we have TONS of natural light that comes pouring in when the sun decides he wants to give us a show.
Some times I like to stand on our bed and look out the window across the street and watch snow grace us with her presence as she blankets the field across the street with a lovely white sheet. I only enjoy snow when it sticks to grass only. I don't enjoy it when it is a) on the side walks b) on the streets and c) covered in gross oil and dirt piled up on the side of roads. I hate it in fact.

But when the snow is just coming to stay for a Sunday visit, it can be refreshing. Just looking out the window I can see all the white fluffy happiness.

Today would be a perfect day to build a snowman. and probably the last time we could have a snowball fight with good snow.

I send the hubster an email (he's just in the other room but I'm too cold to get up)

"want to go build a snowman? today would be a really good day."

"sure! lets go!"

I start imagining us out there all bundled up and packing snow to make the bottom of the cold white man. then I imagine us getting into a snowball fight and throwing snow in the air. I have to take my camera, this will be fun.
Zack comes into the bedroom to gather his wife-face. I hop up and look out the window to investigate what exactly I'm about to encounter.

wait, where is the snow? wasn't it snowing all morning and while we were at church? didn't you have to scrape the car off this morning before church? whaaatt?

It was gone. All of it. there was not a trace of snow on the ground. I was thoroughly disappointed if you must know. Here I am, actually EXCITED for the snow for the first time in my Utah life and it just up and leaves? that's not very nice.
Maybe come back this week, okay? except not on the weekend. because I need next weekend to be nice and warm. Thursday might be a good day for you to come, I will make dinner. please bring the activity for us to play. not too late though. how about 6ish? K great, see you then!

Country Fried Chicken

My hair is fried. like fried chicken. well it's actually not terribly bad. But it is damaged. badly. I bleach my hair, that alone is killing it. and then I blow dry it at least 4 times a week and then I'll either run a curling iron through it or a straightener. So as you girls can imagine- it's pretty damaged. and dry. so I am challenging myself. I want my hair to grow oh so very long. it's grow a lot since The Ninth Grade Incident (I don't want to talk about it, okay?) but it's still not as long as I want it to be. so I'm taking matters into my own hands.
Until further notice: I am taking away my straightener and curling irons (leaving the blow dryer in case it needs to save me from my disasters).
That's right my friends, I am going green. well it's not really green but going natural? I have an addiction to hair appliances and it's going to be the death of my hair. Yesterday I bought foam rollers. I wanted to see how they worked so I took a shower and left them in for a few hours (they say to leave them in overnight) anyways, I obviously didn't leave them in long enough. A few curls came out good so I know they will work if I do it long enough. Hopefully I can use this technique as my main styling. Also I'm only going to wash my hair 3 times during the week. I know it sounds gross but shampooing and getting it went actually dries your hair out and I don't want that!
Anyways, I'll keep you posted. I'm kind of nervous. I don't do well if my hair doesn't look decent and I have to go out in public.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sugar and Spice- and everything not nice!

It's sabotage really. I'm pretty sure it's out to get me. A personal vendetta on me. Oh the struggles I've had. Back and forth. It has torn on the very parts of me that make me strong. Temps me from every angle at every opportunity it gets. It disguises it's self so well. It looks so good, but I have the haunting feeling that it would be so evil to partake of the fun. After it's gone- the feeling of guilt forces me to lay in bed under the covers only wishing I could take back what I had done.

It's killing my mortal soul. It's the very thing that keeps me from pursuing my life long dreams. Okay I know that I'm being dramatic, but seriously. Why does it have to be so lusciously tempting? Why??! What's a girl to do. What am I to do? Here I am, trying to work off 500 extra calories and then walks up a giant cookie with ice cream and it says "oohh I'm so sexy! you need me!" What?? No I don't. I don't NEED you. You might be sexy but I decide what and who I need. And I don't Need you. I want you. I seriously want you. Come here, Let me just have a little lick. One lick won't ruin everything thing I've worked for, right? Wrong. I'll eat the entire darned thing. The whole entire thing. stupid. It happens to me time and time again. It's my true weakness. I'm surprise the ice cream man didn't trick me to get into the truck with all my ice cream fantasies. (My parents instilled a fear of ice cream trucks while I was young, so I ran the other way when the cheery bells came'a ringin). I so wish I ran the other way when sugar plants it's self in my lap. I dont necessarily like sugar it's self, but it's when it's dressed in frosting or on top of an ice cream cone or baked in a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies that it really makes my knees weak. I'm telling you- it's getting out of hand. Serious. I'm trying to come up with a game plan, but I can't seem to figure out the best way. I figure the best way would be to stop cold lemons. To just cut myself off from the deliciousness of mouth watering desserts. I've tried this technique many many times. Twice since the New Year in fact. It fails. Like a negative F minus- fails. The weekends roll around
"Well it's his birthday."
"Well it's Super bowl weekend."

"Well we need to celebrate the end of the week."

Whoa whoa- come on guys! Give me a break! I can't eat this EVERY weekend!!

Can I?

Not a chance.

Even just a-

I am trying to tell myself that I don't like them. I started with cake. I don't really Next stop brownies. I'm sorry chocolate pieces of happiness to my tongue, you're a bad influence and I can't have you hanging around. You're just creating pouches of fluff in places that I am trying to trim down! So here it goes. Good bye cake and now- so long brownies! It's been a wild ride, good memories my friends, good memories.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Raising Me

Seven Signs of Growing Up:
* you no longer care to watch TV every spare second you have. You'd rather read or just listen to music or just talk *you listen to traffic reports on the radio on your way to work. *you watch the news- blek! *you start to plan out you meals for the week *you know how to get stains out of everything (still trying to learn this one) *you start thinking about where you are going to raise your children and what high school they will attend *you go to bed before 9:30pm
Not saying that I'm all grown up or whatever but I sure am trying! well not too fast. I want to enjoi life but I find myself maturing here and there. what store can I get the best deals on produce? what things should we buy in bulk? When should we start a college fund for our children? Growing up is suppose to be fun right? I mean I'm having a blast! I hear a lot of times people say "oh I wish I could go back to high school" or "life was so much easier when I was younger." Yeah, life is probably easier when you don't have much responsibility or when Mom is there to do your laundry and make your lunch for you. I'm loving being able to clean my apartment on the days that I want to, and go to bed when I please. Cook dinner for my hubby. It's fun! Yeah there are hard days for sure-but I'm hoping that when we "grow up" we will look back on these days and think about the "fun" times.

headband, gloves, jacket

I knew this day was coming. All week I knew what I had to do. It had to get done. there's was no way around it.
But I could be doing so many other things! what if I hurt myself? what if something happens to Zack while I'm gone?
Those were the excuses rolling around in my head. I was trying to get out of the longest run I have ever done in my whole running career (less than 2 years). 8 miles. EIGHT miles. eight MILES.
I'm pretty sure the furthest I've gone was 7 and I nearly died. Thank goodness Sarah was there to push me through the "giving up" laps.
Thank you Sarah!
I ate breakfast and convinced myself that i had to wait at least and hour to let the food settle. Then that hour turned into an hour and a half. then I finally got dressed. and then after dragging out my warming up and stretching for 30 more minutes, Zack finally convinced me to get going. He said it would take me 3 hours to finish. 3 hours? He thinks it will take me 3 hours to run 8 miles. HA! I'm suppose to run 13.1 in less than 3 hours! oh little faith does my husband have in me at times. I know it takes me and hour to run 5 miles on the treadmill but there's no way I would take 3 hours to run 8. ( Later I found out that Zack was just joking. he knew I wouldn't take 3 hours to run that far).
It was time to hit the road. Jimmy, Justin, Linkin Park, Blink 182- they all decided to join me on the run because I guess they knew I needed the extra motivation. Dashboard came along for a bit but they didn't stay too long- they had a show or something to go to.
It didn't take long for me to break a sweat. somewhere around 1/2 a mile? well that's because it was up hill. what a long hill. great way to start the run. I knew this loop would have a lot of uphill/downhill variety so it would require me to work hard.
I think I was particularly nervous because when I run it's indoors on a treadmill and I stay at the same pace generally. a steady 5.6 or 5.7 with a 2.5% grade incline. now these hills I was doing were NOT 2.5%. they were more like in the range of 8% to 10% incline. and they were LONG hills. but the happy thought that kept me trudging up the hills was knowing that they had to go down sometime! and oh boy did they go down! It was like jumping in a cool lake after working in 120 degree weather all day! My legs were so please to finally get a break and to just enjoy the view for 3/4 of a mile.

It's nice to have other runners on the road. It's quite inspiring. You have runners of all levels out there pounding pavement. some are so focused and you know they are judging your form and technique. Others are just trying to make it up the hill and you're pretty convinced they are going to pass out. It's interesting coming across different runners running in the opposite direction. You can see each other several yards away. you know you're going to cross paths. Do you wave? smile? nod? try to trip them? I don't know! usually it's last minute you notice out of the corner of your eye that they waved and then it's too late! you missed your chance to wave back and they probably think you're a jerk. Great. I blew it! I totally blew it. what if I ruined her run?
When I come to someone who gives me an uneasy feeling. I look them directly in the eye, let them know that I see them, run hard, and try as hard as I can to not look tired. Let them know that I will not go without a fight. It has worked every time. No one ever tries to mess with me! Or maybe it's because none of those pedestrians had any intention of making any sort of funny business and I judge too quickly. Well I'm going with my first theory.
When I made it to the half way mark of my run I couldn't help but smile out loud. I had to climb the steepest hill yet to get to this point and I hadn't even stopped to walk any of it! WOW. I shot a text to my hubby to let him know that I didn't die and that I'm half way through. Under an hour.
I turned around. Downhill I come! This time I decided to take a different route back. A change of scenery. Maybe a harder course? It was through a cute little neighborhood. Less college students more retired couples with little dogs yelping through screened doors as I passed. It was when I past by the Provo Temple that I saw it. A sign that announced the coming of a marathon to Provo, UT. I could see the headlines now "Local Girl Runs first Half Marathon, Three weeks later Completes her first Full Marathon!"
My half marathon I'm training for is April 16th. This race is May 7th. At this point in my run I am at 6 miles. I feel as though I could conquer the world! I could run 26 miles right now! no problem. It's the last .2 mile that would kill me. I better just take it one event at a time. 13.1 mile is fine for now.
I always feel disrespectful listening to music as I pass the temple and the MTC. So I planned to turn it off just until I past the light. that would be a good distance away so that no one could hear the beats from my headphones. I got lost in thought though. I was coming up with all these ways that Zack and I will be able to save more money in the spring and summer. Stupid winter. it ruins everything. Luckily it's warm outside today. In the summer I'm going to bike to work I decided. that's an extra $11.25 a week. And with the possibility of bus fares going up in March- an extra $12.50 a week which turns into $50 a month! wow that gets exciting.
And then, I'm going to stop using the dryer and just hang all my clothes outside to dry in the clean air. I'm getting a head of myself. that would be a lot of effort. We'll see if that happens.
Before I know it. I'm jogging up our drive way.
Holy sleazy tacos. Did I really just run 8 miles? No. I ran 8.29 miles. At least that's what told me.
and whats better is that I ran it in 1 hour and 34 minutes. I know, I know, it's slow. But I finished it okay? that's what matters right now. I still have 2 months to speed up.
A nice long stretch and ice to my knee sounds so pleasant to my soul right now. I stopped at the bottom of my stairs and waited for it to sink in what I had actually accomplished. Zack would be so happy to know that I didn't even walk anything. The only time I stopped was a traffic lights and it was never more than a minute.
I want to run 8 miles every day now. Just because I can.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yesterday morning was I don't know how to describe it. First, I got out of bed at 4:50 AM. Lame, right? and then I got on my little lap top and went straight to reading. I scrolled through post after post on this hilarious cute blog for an hour and a half. Still Lame- I know. Then I went to FaceBook to write a status about it- SUPER lame. I stayed on FB for another half hour looking at profiles and seeing who has updated their snapshots of their exciting lives.

Then I heard the alarm go off on the coveted Evo (Zacker's phone).
That's my queue! I rushed into the bedroom and snuggle with my warm snuggle buddy. It was allowed after 7:25 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Tuesday and Thursday depend of if Mr. Study-my-pants off has to go to school before his 12 pm class. And Saturdays & Sundays? Well I have to occupy myself quietly outside the bedroom.

So after a 3 minute cuddle session I rush out of the bed, throw something on, make a quick PB&J for Zack, make a quick breakfast shake for Zack, pack granola bars for both Zack and I- two for him, one for me. By now I'm left with five minutes to get my bag packed for the day, Zack ready to go including his lunch, and still try to camouflage the ever appearing cowlick on the back of my head.
We rush out the door and are in the car by 7:40. with the windshield halfway scraped- just so the driver could see. Guess I won't be able to be a passenger seat driver this morning! Oh, but don't worry, I find a way.
"uh Zack?" I said, "Umm you passed the stop line at the red light. you're half way into the cross walk now. I can tell because if I look through the frost on my window, I can tell that your front tires are past the stop line. And.. well see that pedestrian has to now walk around the front of your car."
"I knew you'd still manage to correct my driving."

We made it to the bus stop on time. No more than by 3 minutes to spare though! We're cutting it close that's for sure.
I walked into work 30 minutes after getting on the bus. After I clocked in and unpacked my crackers, I realized the cowlick came back! Bleh.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

learn to love

Friday my Callie friend was in town :) she competes for ASU gymnastics (I've always been jealous of her super sexy arms and rock solid abs). ASU was competing against U of U, so Zack and I drove up to Salt Lake and made it just in time. We sat in our seats and enjoyed the games! the crowd was going wild! It always amazes me how many people come to these meets. Luckily we weren't completely surrounded by the enemies fans. We had a few ASU fans right by us with a cute little baby boy that just smiles and smiles.
It's funny listening to other peoples comments. they sure can be rude. What if I were that girls mother they were talking about? but then i realized that i do the same thing all the time. I think that i can just say whatever i want to Zack about anything that i think is wrong, or ugly, or stupid. what gives me the right? I don't know where that person has come from, i don't even really know who they are. so why do i get to make comments about people that are doing things far better than I ever could?
here are some great competitors jumping from bar to bar hoping that gravity doesn't bring them to the mats before they have a chance to grasp the next one and there are people critiquing every little thing- "look at her hair? did she not know that it looked disgusting?"
Really now? Are you serious? this girl just ran full speed at a stationary object and did a flip and now she is on the uneven bars and you're talking about how here hair looks? when was the last time you balanced on a thin beam doing back bends and jumps? I bet your hair looked fabulous when you were dancing on the floor and sprinting to do 3 back flips and sticking it without stepping outside the lines.

Girls sure can be caddy.
Like I'm one to talk. whether I say it out loud or in my head. I'm a jerk. where did I learn this stuff from? certainly my dear mother didn't teach me that. I didn't learn it at church in between primary songs. I guess at school. People were always talking about what was wrong with others. My friends and I did it all the time. why? I feel like a jerk. Kids are so mean. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about kids being so mean to other kids just because they didn't brush their hair today or they have holes in their shoes. Why??? Why are people so mean?? Can we all just be nice? Be kind to everyone! even if they are mean to you! lets brain wash our children to do that! maybe the world would be a better place. Words can be hurtful, and no matter how many times to say "I'm rubber, you're glue. whatever you say bounces of me sticks to you" it still cuts to any confidence that you have instilled in yourself.
Bullying is getting out of hand in this world.
So what if someone believes something different than the average man? who cares of someone doesn't have money to buy new clothes every year? does it really matter if we go to church for 3 hours every Sunday and learn about good uplifting things and learn to serve those around us?

Bullying has gone to a whole new level. It has taken the lives of so many people who just want to be accepted and loved by others. No one deserves to wish they were dead. no one has the right to bully someone to death. So why does it happen? What can we do to change what is going on in the cruel world? I'm just one small person here. I can't do it alone. Something needs to change.

We need to start with ourselves. we need to keep our thoughts and words in check. whispers behind closed doors will slip out the windows and will hurt someone. That someone has a bright future if they are given the chance and if we give them confidence. We don't have a right to bring anyone else down.

Can we all just be nice?