Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Desire to Become Athletic- at age 20 something.

Anyone who's met me knows that I have no athletic abilities at all. I'm not aggressive enough, I don't like it when other people lose and that doesn't even cover my skills which I lack very much. I mean I can do basic things like run and catch a baseball (only if I have a glove) shoot a hoop. I can't, however, catch a football or basketball, kick a soccer ball while running, dribble a basketball while running, I can't even hit a ball straight on a pool table. Yeah- I'm that bad. So when my co-workers in my department suggested a softball team this spring and I said "heck yes!" Zack was shocked
"You're going to have to hit the ball with a bat you know."

"I know."
"You wouldn't even hit one at the batting cages."

"I know but I was so young."

"That was last year."

"Welp, I'm just going to have to practice."

And so, I have to practice.

I also, to expand my athletic knowledge and ability, told my cousins that next Christmas I would play football with them.
You see, every Thanksgiving and Christmas my family gathers for festivities, food, and football. It's delicious. As for me and my family, we never played football. Ever. Not once to I remember going out and passing the ball to my uncle or blocking my cousin. Zack on the other hand, this last year he threw my aunt to the ground (well keep in mind that she is tiny and full of muscle). She can take it. Yeah it's intense. But I'll do it, just you wait. The issue is, I have the LOWEST pain tolerance. It's way way below sea level. I get hurt so easily. It's ridiculous really.

This is me before a long run. I'm trying to look strong.
*don't look at our apartment in the background. Usually it's clean*

P.S. I love you.

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