Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yesterday morning was I don't know how to describe it. First, I got out of bed at 4:50 AM. Lame, right? and then I got on my little lap top and went straight to reading. I scrolled through post after post on this hilarious cute blog for an hour and a half. Still Lame- I know. Then I went to FaceBook to write a status about it- SUPER lame. I stayed on FB for another half hour looking at profiles and seeing who has updated their snapshots of their exciting lives.

Then I heard the alarm go off on the coveted Evo (Zacker's phone).
That's my queue! I rushed into the bedroom and snuggle with my warm snuggle buddy. It was allowed after 7:25 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Tuesday and Thursday depend of if Mr. Study-my-pants off has to go to school before his 12 pm class. And Saturdays & Sundays? Well I have to occupy myself quietly outside the bedroom.

So after a 3 minute cuddle session I rush out of the bed, throw something on, make a quick PB&J for Zack, make a quick breakfast shake for Zack, pack granola bars for both Zack and I- two for him, one for me. By now I'm left with five minutes to get my bag packed for the day, Zack ready to go including his lunch, and still try to camouflage the ever appearing cowlick on the back of my head.
We rush out the door and are in the car by 7:40. with the windshield halfway scraped- just so the driver could see. Guess I won't be able to be a passenger seat driver this morning! Oh, but don't worry, I find a way.
"uh Zack?" I said, "Umm you passed the stop line at the red light. you're half way into the cross walk now. I can tell because if I look through the frost on my window, I can tell that your front tires are past the stop line. And.. well see that pedestrian has to now walk around the front of your car."
"I knew you'd still manage to correct my driving."

We made it to the bus stop on time. No more than by 3 minutes to spare though! We're cutting it close that's for sure.
I walked into work 30 minutes after getting on the bus. After I clocked in and unpacked my crackers, I realized the cowlick came back! Bleh.

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