Sunday, February 13, 2011

Raising Me

Seven Signs of Growing Up:
* you no longer care to watch TV every spare second you have. You'd rather read or just listen to music or just talk *you listen to traffic reports on the radio on your way to work. *you watch the news- blek! *you start to plan out you meals for the week *you know how to get stains out of everything (still trying to learn this one) *you start thinking about where you are going to raise your children and what high school they will attend *you go to bed before 9:30pm
Not saying that I'm all grown up or whatever but I sure am trying! well not too fast. I want to enjoi life but I find myself maturing here and there. what store can I get the best deals on produce? what things should we buy in bulk? When should we start a college fund for our children? Growing up is suppose to be fun right? I mean I'm having a blast! I hear a lot of times people say "oh I wish I could go back to high school" or "life was so much easier when I was younger." Yeah, life is probably easier when you don't have much responsibility or when Mom is there to do your laundry and make your lunch for you. I'm loving being able to clean my apartment on the days that I want to, and go to bed when I please. Cook dinner for my hubby. It's fun! Yeah there are hard days for sure-but I'm hoping that when we "grow up" we will look back on these days and think about the "fun" times.

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  1. Ha i loved this. I was like, "yep, yep, uh huh, definitely do that, yep". I told Danny just the other day that we needed to start going to bed at 9 because I'll never wake up in the mornings if I don't get enough sleep, haha. What happened to surviving on 3 hours of sleep a night? I feel so old, ha. It is tons of fun growing up, though, especially when you have a husband to share it all with