Monday, February 21, 2011

Round 9??

That's right my friends, I gave in...again. what am I to do when my husband so sweetly requests my famous brownies with a hint of peanut butter? I couldn't possibly just make them and not enjoy the treat, could I? well I didn't think so, and this is what happened:

And this:

Surprisingly, though, this morning I did not wake up with brownie consumer remorse. I knew that I was going to have a good work out and it was okay that I splurged, I mean com'on it's Presidents Day Weekend! I'm pretty sure Mr. President would have wanted me to have that brownie with a cold mug of milk.
They were delicious. But not worth it to be honest. Now I know. Maybe I can stand strong and not be tempted by moist, warm, fresh out of the oven brownies. Maybe.

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  1. I LOOOOVE peanut butter chocolate brownies....they're my weakness. well all brownies really....