Sunday, February 20, 2011

a snowflake and a snowman walk into a bar...

we live in a tiny apartment. I'm pretty sure I already told you. but let me remind you- it's TINY. We've made it quite cozy though. I love it. It's not too far under ground. i mean we have TONS of natural light that comes pouring in when the sun decides he wants to give us a show.
Some times I like to stand on our bed and look out the window across the street and watch snow grace us with her presence as she blankets the field across the street with a lovely white sheet. I only enjoy snow when it sticks to grass only. I don't enjoy it when it is a) on the side walks b) on the streets and c) covered in gross oil and dirt piled up on the side of roads. I hate it in fact.

But when the snow is just coming to stay for a Sunday visit, it can be refreshing. Just looking out the window I can see all the white fluffy happiness.

Today would be a perfect day to build a snowman. and probably the last time we could have a snowball fight with good snow.

I send the hubster an email (he's just in the other room but I'm too cold to get up)

"want to go build a snowman? today would be a really good day."

"sure! lets go!"

I start imagining us out there all bundled up and packing snow to make the bottom of the cold white man. then I imagine us getting into a snowball fight and throwing snow in the air. I have to take my camera, this will be fun.
Zack comes into the bedroom to gather his wife-face. I hop up and look out the window to investigate what exactly I'm about to encounter.

wait, where is the snow? wasn't it snowing all morning and while we were at church? didn't you have to scrape the car off this morning before church? whaaatt?

It was gone. All of it. there was not a trace of snow on the ground. I was thoroughly disappointed if you must know. Here I am, actually EXCITED for the snow for the first time in my Utah life and it just up and leaves? that's not very nice.
Maybe come back this week, okay? except not on the weekend. because I need next weekend to be nice and warm. Thursday might be a good day for you to come, I will make dinner. please bring the activity for us to play. not too late though. how about 6ish? K great, see you then!

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  1. Love, it's been snowing for 48 hours straight here in Flagstaff! It's so fun!!! We built snowmans and caves. Just come down here and then you can build snowmen to your hearts desire!