Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Day in My Thoughts

When we are finally laying in bed last night, Zack falls asleep right away and my mind is just going a hundred and fifty two miles and hour.
*I need to decorate something.I need to figure out my outfit for tomorrow (if only I had cute tights).I need to figure out what I want to post about next.I need to clean something.I need to take more pictures.What is my hair going to look like tomorrow? (it's almost been a week of no heat).I need to ice my knee. I need to get a full length mirror for our bed room already!I need to buy a present for my friend.My toes hurrrrtttt!!*

I'm laying there trying to get comfy and trying to figure out why I am needing to do all of these things
right now. And so, I look back on my day to see if there was any sign of this coming.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (please sing this, in your head or out loud, in your best Julie Andrews voice because that is how it is written)


I'd say it was a good day. Pretty productive if you ask me. I slept in until 7 (I know that's still early but for me that is sleeping in) stumbled out of bed, limited myself to computer time for only 15 minutes (which, can I say, is extra difficult when every cute bloggist in the world as posted, yet again, another cute blog post) and then I started to clean. I did the dishes, I swept, I organized. It was quite relaxing if I do say so myself.

And then Zack got out of bed around 8:45 and we both got ready and headed for the library. I was working on a few work things (I know, on the weekend! I'm lame, but we already covered that) and Zack had to write this super long paper. We were there for at least 2 hours, until I got bored and started catch up on some light blog reading.

Last minute I decided this would be a good time to go workout with my dear motivating friend Sarah and Zack-attack could watch the BYU basketball game. So while the boys (Zack and Sarah's hubby Daniel) watched the game, Sarah and I were kickin' trash in the work out room.

After that, Zack and I went home and got ready for
Round Two of the library. yum. we headed back and got settled. A couple hours later we finally decided enough is enough and went home.

We ate dinner.

Leftover pizza for Zackers

Yummy cold cereal for me.
My goes out to those in this world who can't appreciate good breakfast food.

After that we went over to my cousin Brookie's house to help paint. It was just so lovely. A fresh coat of paint will brighten anyone's day. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Stupid.

We had to call it quits before 10 though otherwise our car would have been towed or booted (you never can tell what they will do to your car, stupid Provo Parking) and KC took us out to cold stone to curb my craving for something sweet other than chocolate. It was perfect.

Zack and I went home and watched the Karate Kid. Man that kid can fight!


And so, this is how I got myself in this mess. In bed, thoughts all over the place. By the time I reviewed the day I was starting to fall asleep. Just in time.
Thank you.

I shall leave you with something sweet. These are some friends that I have the BEST memories with.
(The left to the right)
Zack: my best friend/hubby. (skip me) Jessica: best friend since forever. Callie: became my friend when she was the only other normal white girl in drivers ed- plus she has sexy arms. Catmann: joined our group when she was smitten by a boy and I'm oh so glad she was. And Mikey in the back: not sure how or why we became friends but we did.

This group of amazing people have gotten me through the toughest times. And I shall love them forever.

P.S. I love you

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  1. So cute. love reading your thoughts.
    It's almost better than a phone call or going to get a pedicure with you.
    love you