Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring, please come early this year...

Zackers and I posing with a plastic cactus.

Alright, I think it is time.
"Spring! Come to Utah already!"

I am really getting sick of being cold in my apartment all the time. I'm sick of getting out of the shower and being cold. I'm sick of starting out a run and being cold. I'm tired of having to wear a huge coat to work and then be to hot inside and then too cold if I take it off. Basically, I'm sick of it! I'm no longer talking to Winter. You remember how I asked Snow to come on Thursday and not stay very long? Well, she did. She came Thursday but she invited herself to stay the weekend. And what's even worse is that she would snow all through the middle of the night and all morning until our noses were about to fall off, but then when I rush home from work to play, she decides she's done for the day and melts! Then she teases me again the next day! I'm done. I'm not going to be friends with that one anymore. At least for now. Shesh. Winter really is taking too long. I know it has been "fairly mild compared to past winters" but come on- Spring and Summer are way more fun. These are some of my favorite things about the beautiful summers here:

Sunday with afternoon hikes with Zack to see the water falls up the canyon

Watching nature bring life into the world

Laying in the grass next to my Moonfish and looking at this lovely view

Watching this cute little niece of mine feed the ducks

So as you can see. Spring and Summer are far better than the season of cold. I mean I guess that's why I love, love, love Arizona. I love, love, love the heat. And you know what- I like only having two seasons of hot and warm. I actually think it's charming.

Well, February has come and gone and now we are on to bigger and better things in March! Right? I don't have too big of plans but I have a feeling it will be a good month. Unless it snows. Then March sucks.

P.S. I love you.

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