Sunday, February 6, 2011

learn to love

Friday my Callie friend was in town :) she competes for ASU gymnastics (I've always been jealous of her super sexy arms and rock solid abs). ASU was competing against U of U, so Zack and I drove up to Salt Lake and made it just in time. We sat in our seats and enjoyed the games! the crowd was going wild! It always amazes me how many people come to these meets. Luckily we weren't completely surrounded by the enemies fans. We had a few ASU fans right by us with a cute little baby boy that just smiles and smiles.
It's funny listening to other peoples comments. they sure can be rude. What if I were that girls mother they were talking about? but then i realized that i do the same thing all the time. I think that i can just say whatever i want to Zack about anything that i think is wrong, or ugly, or stupid. what gives me the right? I don't know where that person has come from, i don't even really know who they are. so why do i get to make comments about people that are doing things far better than I ever could?
here are some great competitors jumping from bar to bar hoping that gravity doesn't bring them to the mats before they have a chance to grasp the next one and there are people critiquing every little thing- "look at her hair? did she not know that it looked disgusting?"
Really now? Are you serious? this girl just ran full speed at a stationary object and did a flip and now she is on the uneven bars and you're talking about how here hair looks? when was the last time you balanced on a thin beam doing back bends and jumps? I bet your hair looked fabulous when you were dancing on the floor and sprinting to do 3 back flips and sticking it without stepping outside the lines.

Girls sure can be caddy.
Like I'm one to talk. whether I say it out loud or in my head. I'm a jerk. where did I learn this stuff from? certainly my dear mother didn't teach me that. I didn't learn it at church in between primary songs. I guess at school. People were always talking about what was wrong with others. My friends and I did it all the time. why? I feel like a jerk. Kids are so mean. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about kids being so mean to other kids just because they didn't brush their hair today or they have holes in their shoes. Why??? Why are people so mean?? Can we all just be nice? Be kind to everyone! even if they are mean to you! lets brain wash our children to do that! maybe the world would be a better place. Words can be hurtful, and no matter how many times to say "I'm rubber, you're glue. whatever you say bounces of me sticks to you" it still cuts to any confidence that you have instilled in yourself.
Bullying is getting out of hand in this world.
So what if someone believes something different than the average man? who cares of someone doesn't have money to buy new clothes every year? does it really matter if we go to church for 3 hours every Sunday and learn about good uplifting things and learn to serve those around us?

Bullying has gone to a whole new level. It has taken the lives of so many people who just want to be accepted and loved by others. No one deserves to wish they were dead. no one has the right to bully someone to death. So why does it happen? What can we do to change what is going on in the cruel world? I'm just one small person here. I can't do it alone. Something needs to change.

We need to start with ourselves. we need to keep our thoughts and words in check. whispers behind closed doors will slip out the windows and will hurt someone. That someone has a bright future if they are given the chance and if we give them confidence. We don't have a right to bring anyone else down.

Can we all just be nice?

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  1. This is such a great post. I couldn't agree more, and then am totally guilty at the same time without even realizing it. It is a good reminder. I so wish I could have gone to that gymnastics meet... those girls are amazing!