Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sugar and Spice- and everything not nice!

It's sabotage really. I'm pretty sure it's out to get me. A personal vendetta on me. Oh the struggles I've had. Back and forth. It has torn on the very parts of me that make me strong. Temps me from every angle at every opportunity it gets. It disguises it's self so well. It looks so good, but I have the haunting feeling that it would be so evil to partake of the fun. After it's gone- the feeling of guilt forces me to lay in bed under the covers only wishing I could take back what I had done.

It's killing my mortal soul. It's the very thing that keeps me from pursuing my life long dreams. Okay I know that I'm being dramatic, but seriously. Why does it have to be so lusciously tempting? Why??! What's a girl to do. What am I to do? Here I am, trying to work off 500 extra calories and then walks up a giant cookie with ice cream and it says "oohh I'm so sexy! you need me!" What?? No I don't. I don't NEED you. You might be sexy but I decide what and who I need. And I don't Need you. I want you. I seriously want you. Come here, Let me just have a little lick. One lick won't ruin everything thing I've worked for, right? Wrong. I'll eat the entire darned thing. The whole entire thing. stupid. It happens to me time and time again. It's my true weakness. I'm surprise the ice cream man didn't trick me to get into the truck with all my ice cream fantasies. (My parents instilled a fear of ice cream trucks while I was young, so I ran the other way when the cheery bells came'a ringin). I so wish I ran the other way when sugar plants it's self in my lap. I dont necessarily like sugar it's self, but it's when it's dressed in frosting or on top of an ice cream cone or baked in a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies that it really makes my knees weak. I'm telling you- it's getting out of hand. Serious. I'm trying to come up with a game plan, but I can't seem to figure out the best way. I figure the best way would be to stop cold lemons. To just cut myself off from the deliciousness of mouth watering desserts. I've tried this technique many many times. Twice since the New Year in fact. It fails. Like a negative F minus- fails. The weekends roll around
"Well it's his birthday."
"Well it's Super bowl weekend."

"Well we need to celebrate the end of the week."

Whoa whoa- come on guys! Give me a break! I can't eat this EVERY weekend!!

Can I?

Not a chance.

Even just a-

I am trying to tell myself that I don't like them. I started with cake. I don't really Next stop brownies. I'm sorry chocolate pieces of happiness to my tongue, you're a bad influence and I can't have you hanging around. You're just creating pouches of fluff in places that I am trying to trim down! So here it goes. Good bye cake and now- so long brownies! It's been a wild ride, good memories my friends, good memories.

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  1. I love this. I'm in the middle of a nasty break up with sugar. It's telling me I'll die without him, and it could be right!