Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Provo Bucket List (to accomplish before we leave Utah

The Hubs and I have been trying to figure out fun things we can do in Provo. We've hiked the Y, we've explored BYU campus, we've fed the ducks at BOTH duck ponds, we've visited J-Daws- twice (not all what I was told). We saw them try to put the fire out when the Provo Tabernacle burnt down. we've gone up the canyon countless times, visted the natural hot springs (disgusting, friends. disqusting) I know there is tons more to do but we are having a tough time finding them.
And so, last night at 6pm we set out to find the adventure. First stop was to pick up the pizza Zack has been craving for weeks (maybe even months). And then, with the beautiful weather and all- the park was calling our name.
Yes, I can eat half a large Domino's pizza. I shouldn't- but I can (if I ever need to).
We just laid in the grass watching couples throw footballs back and forth (we decided the girl was far better than the guy) and playing a game of bad mitten. I often wonder how many of the couples are married. Most of them are just trying to impress the other and try to be as adorable as they can be. It's cute, really.
There was a group of people (college age students) dressed in black and talking really loud. they were setting up some sort of stage and families and couples started laying blankets out gathering around the stage.
Turns out it was "Shakespeare in the Park". I'd heard of it but never knew anyone who had seen it. it was actually pretty entertaining. We decided there were a couple actors that were REALLY talented.
The show ended just before it started looking like rain (which never did end up coming) and we set off to get the dessert Zack has been craving (I've deprived him of all deliciously unhealthy foods as of late). Macy's Soft Service Ice Cream, in a cone of course.
It's finally warm enough to be outside past 7pm so we opted to take it outside instead of at our usual table near the TV.
I hate TV by the way. Takes up so much time.


  1. SCORE! What a fun discovery. I love the way you write!

  2. Thank you! you're so sweet :)

  3. Ok, you guys can find fun anywhere! I love that about you two. Never a boring moment. That's how you keep the romance alive. Love it! PS, we missed you so much this weekend. Your mom says you're coming down soon??? Yes please! Miss you girl!

  4. Relaxing nights like that are the best! You two are so cute!