Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's all over. . .

Soccer. We're finished for the year. I'm sad about it honestly. Soccer has been so fun to go to and be with the other wives and parents. And i know that Zack is going to miss his teammates- they're great friends to him. But there are pros about having this time consuming sport over for Zack. I mean for One- I get to spend more time with him! After I get home from work, he'll be here at home :) Then we have hours together before work. It'll be so nice. Zack's been working so hard with soccer and work and being an amzaing husband, he deserves time to rest. So that brings me to two- he can sleep more! he doesn't have to worry about waking up for soccer practice. Three- We can FINALLY go on hikes together and do other outdoorsy stuff! During soccer it's harder because he works hard at practice and if we were to do something else on top of that it would push him over the edge.

BYU ended the season with a win yesterday playing Ogden outlaws! 3-1.

I'm grateful soccer will forever be a part of my life- I have a new appreciation for it :)


  1. So sad he's done but sounds like you've got some great time together now! I just recently quit cheer so I totally feel his pain. Have fun on your new adventures without soccer!

  2. Oh man that would be so hard I bet- I mean Zack is bummed because it's been a HUGE part of his life since forever and I'm sure that's the same for you too. Well, there's a lot to look forward to- new memories to make!