Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family in Town!

This summer has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be :) I thought it was just going to be work, work, work. I've really been enjoying soccer this year which is huge considering I didn't know a thing about it 2 years ago- I didn't even know the world cup only happened every 4 years and that it's kind of a big deal :) (i still can't figure out off-sides. . ) Too bad this is our last year playing at BYU :( we'll just have to wait for our kids to start playing soccer! (no Mom, we're not starting family right now). This past month we've seen SO much family! it's been amazing! First my aunt Shelia and uncle Sam and their amazing family, and then my dear sister Treva, then my Lovely Nana, then Grayson and my Uncle Mark, and just yesterday I dropped of Conner at EFY (I'm so lucky :) ) And of course we have aour family here in Provo with us- Brookie, KC, Owen, Alyssa, and Tyler- I love my family! We also got to see my other cousins for a bit- Dallin, Thomas, Kim, and Kat! it was so fun! and all that doesn't even include Zack's family! Both of his parents came to town :) and Kimmy and Brad and little Lincoln Loggs came down from Ogden (always fun to play with them). And then Zack's sister Amber and her family! (6 total) it was so much fun! I wish i had taken more pictures :(Some day I'll get really good at taking pictures.

We love our family so much and we're so grateful for everyone's support always! Thank you for all you guys do for us!


  1. You guys are so cute! I love your pictures that you have! :)

  2. I just adore every thing about you! And thanks for the tip on the world cup being every four years! I had no clue and couldn't figure out why everyone was so obsessed!!