Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I could be good at this

You know when you get to that point when you've finished eating cereal and all you're left with is the milk? you have a few options- drink the milk straight from the bowl or fill up your bowl with cereal again, only slightly less than before because there isn't as much milk. This morning I chose the latter..twice :) Oh the guilt. There wasn't much milk left by the time the last refill came around but the last bits were so yummy. please keep in mind that this is not a usual habit of mine- Eating bowl after bowl of cereal, but our dear friend Macy's grocery had an amazing-too good to pass up- sale on our favorite breakfast. Life. Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares. Magic for the morning taste buds. you must think we don't get tasty cereal very ofter. well, we don't. it's too over priced for my liking. so when each happy box is $3.00 off I can't resists and it takes a lot of convincing from the mister to not buy a bazillion boxes. so we stick with 7. Hoping it will last us a month or two since it's coming out of a very strict budget.

We recently revamped the month to month budget. we spoil our selves by eating out far too ofter and snatching up almost whatever we want at the dreading grocery stores (except over priced breakfast treats). So I feel it's my job to keep us in check considering I do almost all the cooking. It's going to take the most careful planning I can possibly manage.

You see, I'm not a very organized person. But this year, I will learn to be. My goal is to be organized enough so that I don't feel overwhelmed by all the daily tasks. I work full time and don't go to school. Nor do I have children yet- so I should have time right?

*Wish me luck*


  1. You are so funny. And I have had to plan our menu too. My mom gave me some good ideas if you need them. Also, you need to blog more. Unless your too busy. I understand.

  2. You are so cute. That was really fun. Thanks for updating your blog.
    Love you.