Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Love Note

Dear Zack,
You're at work right now. But you emailed me from campus to let me know that you forgot your phone. I was sad to hear that news. I have no way of reaching you to find out if you made plans for this evening or if I should plan on making us a yummy dinner (we haven't had any yummy dinners as of late).
I decided that I was to use the back yard more often. I know that our neighbor girls are always in the back yard but it's just as much our yard as theirs! and I want to use the deck. I'm thinking of moving a small table and chairs out here so that you and I can enjoy some time out in the open air. I think that is why we aren't getting better- we're stuck inside! Our sick germs are just circulating. So if you would like- I'd love to have you join me for dinner tonight! I'm thinking of making Salmon and Vegetables. what do you think? Well I think I will make it anyways and hopefully you will be hungry enough to eat. Since it will still be light outside, plan on eating in the back yard.
You and I deserve a nice little date without the distraction on TV. I know there is a game on that you want to watch so I shall try to keep it quick.
Wow Moonfish. You sure are awesome. I love when you call me just to make sure that I made to to work safely. and when you text me and say "I love you wife face!" Those things make me smile out loud.
When you say, "Ah come on!" that is really funny too.
Thanks for letting me treat you to a nice dinner at Outback every once in a while. I know it's really something special for you.
Well moonfish- tomorrow, don't forget your phone!!
I love you!
Your Wife Face

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