Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sabbath. Happy Father's Day.

Oh what a happy day. Can I just say how nice it is to wake up early Sunday mornings and listen to it rain outside? Can I tell you how much it sucks that my dear Zachary has to leave for work at 5:30 AM so I am left here to try to fill my time lest I go insane!

Well enough about me. Today is about Fathers. I dedicate this post to all Fathers, soon-to-be Fathers, and someday-will-be Fathers but especially to my Dear Dad. He is a rock star. literally.

A few years ago he decided he wanted to play the guitar. And he did. I hope that some day he and I can play a song together.

A few years before that, he decided he wanted to become a cyclist. And he did. He got the whole family involved and we would go on long Saturday morning rides together and participate in races.

Around that same time my dad decided he wanted to learn how to be a really good chef (I don't know if that was his ultimate goal, but it happened). He is so good at cooking. I love being in the kitchen with him and watching him cook. He teaches me new techniques every time.

He made my wedding cake you know. Yes, he did. It was a giant cupcake. I'll have to find a picture and show you.

I remember going camping with my family most years of growing up. My dad would pack everything up in the camp trailer and when we got to the camp ground he would unpack everything and make it super comfortable.

The last several Octobers he's taken the family down to Rocky Point, Mexico and we would stay there for a week or so. He was so good about letting us just go out and play while he set up camp. I don't know exactly how long it would take him but I sure appreciate it and I'm so sorry I did not help more.

My dad taught me how to drive the boat and dock it. When I would get super frustrated and I would be in tears wanting to give up, Dad would not let me. He would just smile and say "try again. you're fine". I'd get so mad at him. Thanks Daddy!

I swear my dad can fix anything. He is amazing. Whenever I have issues and need to fix something I call my dad.
I call my dad for everything. You can tell he truly cares.

I love you Dad! So very much. Thank you for everything.

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