Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banana Sink

*NOTICE* Please disregard the mess you are about to encounter. I will clean it up after you take a peek. This was just too funny to not share

This is what happens when I don''t give Zack enough sleep, or when he is watching sports while making food:

Dear Zack,
I know I've left the kitchen a mess, but the sink is no place for your garbage. Please remove and dispose of in proper place. Thank you, Love. You Rock.



  1. oh husbands! lol.... and I say we both get rain boots and ballerina flats... they are basically a necessity :)

  2. hahaha I love it! Since when is the sink not a place for rotting compost and things of that nature?? lol Zack is definitely not alone in this thinking.

  3. haha... yep, i feel ya. that letter is perfectly passive-aggressive ;)

  4. Oh thanks you, I didn't want to be too harsh you know? I mean I do still live in the same house and that could cause some serious tension :)

  5. Oh husbands... haha I'm so glad mine's not the only one who tries this :)