Thursday, June 16, 2011

How long before I give in. .

i thought craving sugar was just a natural way of life. it wasn't until i couldn't stop thinking about chocolate and cookies and ice cream while at work that i realized i might have a problem

articles i have read told me that sugar cravings and complex carb cravings go hand in hand. if you want one, you want the other. that is exactly me. i love salty almost as much as sweet. when i try to be honest with myself about which i like better i can hardly think.

at work i have access to sugar in all different forms. all covered in chocolate heaven (or hell, how ever you think of it) A co-worker told me that it's satan's fault that I love chocolate. He told me that eating Chocolate is a sin. . .really? Thanks for the judgment.

i try to stay away. truly. but it is so darn impossible. i know that i get sugar highs and then i crash and i literally fall asleep on my desk.

everything i have read about in the last 2 hours at work somberly disctrict sugar addiction like a drug or alcohol addiction. i have yet to find a sugar and carb rehab facility near by. i think there is one in fiji though...

So now that i have confessed my greatest "sin" to the blogging world, i suppose i should tell you how i'm going redeem myself.

i don't know yet. i need to eat more food so that when i do get bored and hungry i will reach for the veggies and only glace toward the Drawer of Chocolate Death. I need a support team. So far Zack has joined. And that's the only team member i need at this point. He is a rock star Moonfish.

K, i love you.

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