Friday, June 17, 2011

Sugar and Bushes. then Shopping

me: hey babe do you care if i still go to D.I?
Moonfish. no that's great.
Me: ... do you want to come...?
Moonfish: sure I'll come
me: Are you sure? It's going to be pretty boring and...well...I might take a while
Moonfish: if you don't care then maybe I won't come...
(we haven't reached the point where we can be completely honest without beating around the bush but we are to the stage where we can see the honesty without the sugar.)

And this is why I don't recommend Zack coming with me on shopping extravaganzas:

Scary, huh?
I tried all of it on. Only took me. . .45 mins?
I'm pretty quick. I tried to put all of it back, (because lets face it, employees really don't deserve to have to find a place for all of these just because I felt like playing dress up)
but the cute little old lady insisted that I put them on her clothes rack. She is sweet. Bless her dear heart.

1 comment:

  1. Haha I love it! And I think 45 minutes is fast! I take forever in dressing rooms!
    Oh and I think you and your hubs are SO cute!