Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Some lovely posts created by lovely people just to make me smile-
I love when crafty beautiful girls can take an
ugly dress and make it beautiful

Purses I am dying to add to my wardrobe

on another note (not too high pitched, just a medium soft tone note)- our bathroom is getting fixed today ("yay!" I can hear you chant on my behalf. thank you).

Also last night we watched Benny and Joon with our good friends Quin&Nicole. It was lovely.
If you haven't seen that movie, please watch it.
If you have seen it and you liked it, please see it again.
If you saw it but you didn't really like it I order you to watch it again and again until you do like it. I'm certain you will find love for it.
Wasn't Johnny Depp just astonishing? (typical Johnny Depp-crazy man role)

I hope the weekend is fantastic. Here is your weekly does of farm animals to keep you happy because, well, aren't cows adorable? And how about my husband? wait don't answer that- I already know.


P.S. I love you
P.S.S. don't worry, There will more than likely be more farm animals to come. I was pretty obsessed.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the Link up. Love your blog. I could make you a sweet deal on the purses. :)

  2. what a steal of a deal! I can never find cute purses at our thrift stores here! and $1 each is amazing.
    Your daughter is adorable by the way. I'm excited to see how that church house turns out too :)