Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Warm Beautiful Wednesday!

I woke up one early morning from a dream feeling disgusting. In the dream I had been taking shot after shot of some vile concoction. I'm pretty sure it was suppose to be vodka but I have never tasted the revolting liquid so I couldn't tell you for certain. All I know is it did not make me want anything but water to flush the imaginary drink from my system. I have expressed my feelings about dreams before but I can tell you this one will not come true. Especially because i have thought about it so much. Those dreams usually don't come true.Usually.

I have realized a thing or two about myself in the past little while. I jump from hobby to hobby and never perfect one. Remember when I was in reading books to become cultured? Well that didn't last long. Reading about Rome was only interesting for so long. Remember when I went through my learn how to play guitar faze? Well you probably don't unless I told you in person because I didn't blog about that adventure- that's how quickly it past. It did last much longer than learning a song and a half. Then I was on my running faze. I shy away from pounding pavement. Just sticking to the cross training activities. Most recently I was very into biographies. After reading about a real New York mobster from his sons point of view and a book about the wonderful life of Gandhi, I didn't even pick up the book about the lovely bliss of George and Laura Bush's marriage.
Now I'm wanting another passion. Last night I asked Zack if we could take a year off and study music in Europe so I could someday be talented enough to audition for The Voice. But I decided that would not do anything for my goal of buying a house and have cute little Zack Jr.s running around the house in their socks.
How lovely would it be to sit on this beach every evening listening to the waves?

(If I told you this was a beach from South Carolina would you think of Nicolas Sparks and his romantic novels?)

Well having children and going to their school concerts and throwing parties for every year we make it closer to the babies growing up sounds ever better.
A Saturday lunch with the family

(yes. I will be wearing dresses and serving the food with a smile and perfect posture)

I day dream about the days Zack and I will sit on our front porch watching our children play with the dogs and waving to neighbors as they go for evening walks, stopping by at a friend's house just to say hello and let the children play "while mommy visits."

Those will be happy years. Although, I cant imagine being happier than I am now I'm sure it can only get better. So I hear from veterans who have been married long than Zack and I.

Summer is the best time of year. I love wearing light flowy shirts and dresses that won't fly up when the wind sneaks up underneath but are light enough to not be uncomfortably hot. Any fun summer plans for anyone out there? We're headed to Iowa and FL. And hopefully. . . AZ! What are you doing?

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