Thursday, June 25, 2009

Missing out

Zack's team is in Cali again for soccer, this is his last away game though for the season! Finally, I'll get to keep him around for a bit! He'll have two games this weekend, tonight and then Saturday night, he said that he thinks they might be going to the beach on Friday, but he's thinking he won't go because he has to study :( He started anatomy this week and already it sounds killer. I would never be able to do it, but I know Zack will do great. He's just going to study like crazzzy for the next few weeks! I think he's enjoying it so far, I know that he is really interested in the human body and all it's wonderful miracles. Work has been crazy intense for me this week. It seems like I hardly get a second to breath! I've enjoyed it for the most part, I love being busy (it makes time fly by) but then when I get home I have this uneasy feeling that I forgot to do half my work! I've just gotta get more organized and it should be tons better. So basically I miss Zack again, TONS. I'm so grateful he has such an amazing ablilty to play soccer and is able to see so many different places, but I just wish I could go with him some times. I'm glad this is the end of it this year!

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