Saturday, July 18, 2009

So my best friend Carly Cook is getting married :) I'm so excited for her! Heidi and I planned her Utah bridal shower and it turned out so fun. Carly's close friends and new sister in-laws came. There was yummy food and fun presents! The only down side was I had to leave Zack all day :( I went to a work event at 8:30 this morning and didn't get back home until after 5:30. I feel as though I abandoned him. I know he's fine on his own but it was a Saturday and he was here all alone. I wouldn't like that, but I guess I've had my fair share of lonely Saturdays (not to mention lonely WEEKENDS) Annie is coming up here to visit us. It will be good to have her here to help Zack He's pretty excited she's coming. It'll be so good to see her.
Last night we went to Zack's soccer game. It was good to see them play, But I'm sure Zack was pretty bummed he wasn't in the game himself. Tonight they have their last game for the season :( well that's about all the updates we have as of late, hopefully we'll have some more exciting things going on soon!

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