Monday, April 25, 2011

I had an intimate moment with a worm (don't be gross)

Almost exactly 2 years ago, I was in Salt Lake cheering for my best friend as she ran 13.1 miles and crossed the finish line.
At the time if you asked me to run a mile I would have laughed in your face.
Literally. I hated running.
Absolutely hated it.

And now I'm here at a race with over 11,000 participants waiting to hear the air horn to signal the start of a new adventure.
I'd never ran 13.1 miles before.

Unfortunately I had to use the restroom so I was stuck behind 20 people waiting in line to use the same gross porta-potty when the sound of that horn went off.
From a distance I could see the sea of people starting out their run.
I was actually kind of glad I wasn't stuck in the middle of all that.
I get claustrophobic sometimes.

It was early morning. I was still trying to wake up.
The Early Birds were out trying to catch the Worm.
(Yes, this is where the worm story comes in).

Have you noticed how after it rains worms are all over the sidewalks?
It's disgusting!!
I hate worms and I hate squishing worms.
Anyways, as I was standing there waiting in line (it had been like 12 minutes by then) I caught sight of this loooong worm feeling it's way through the forest of grass and mud.
I become interested in his motives.
Is he looking for something? food? a mate?
Or is he just wondering around until it finds something better than what he already has?
Either way, I put my foot right in front of it to find out what he would do.
When he came in contact with the toe of my shoe he jerked back.
He slowly reached out and touched me.
He felt around.
He gave me a little wormy hug.
Then he started to climb.
Onto my Shoe.
And that was the end of the intimate moment.

10 mins later, after I stepped out of the death box (aka porta-potty), I started my race.
2 hours and 24 mins later, I crossed the finish line.

Thanks for your support :)

P.S. I love you.

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