Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is long because I have missed you-

*Disclaimer*: This may turn into another "sad" blog post. Bullying has been on my mind again.

Hey hey hey! How you doin'?
Sorry I've been a lazy bum lately!
Just so you guys know, my race is a week from today. Pros and Cons, please:
Pro: I will finally be able so say out loud to strangers I meet, "I have trained and ran a 13.1 mile race. AKA, a half MARATHON". It's a big deal
Con: I will be able to tell strangers, "I have
only ran a HALF marathon." Because they will all be able to say, "yeah? Well what about a FULL marathon."
Pro: I will no longer have to plan my life around short runs and long runs. They will just be a regular "however long I feel like going" run.
Con: I wont make the time to spend 2 hours of quality time with the pavement.

Road, I will miss that connection we shared. You took me through my toughest work outs. you almost killed me. Twice. You rock.

Overall, I have really enjoyed running. I know I know, I tell everyone when they ask me about how my training has been, "I'm getting really sick of running." I don't know why! Running has only been good to me.
Besides being stranded 3 miles from home completely dehydrated and not being able to focus long enough to jog more than 10 seconds at a time and besides injuring my knee so many times that it completely took me out of any kind of training for months at a time. I have forgiven you for your transgressions. And I can honestly say that you have become one of my closest friends. Through the tears and after a long stressful day at work you have supported me. Thank you, Run. Thank you. P.S. I'm sorry I have talked crap about you behind your back. I wont do it anymore. Until you hurt me again. Then your reputation will be ruined. But I love you still.

I have no idea why I am writing thank you letters to these sort of things.

Last night, I treated Zack to Outback Steakhouse. It is my favorite because of their Wedge Salad. I decided that next time, I shall order it for dessert (don't worry, I'm not going to express my love for it through a letter. At least not now). We also go because my poor Moonfish needs some meat! I never cook meat for the guy. I'm a bad wife. (I don't really like meat so I don't see why I should cook it. . .)
So after we finally go seated we ordered our water and I noticed, sitting across from us was this dear elderly man all alone. He was just sitting there eating his steak and yummy potatoes. I don't know what overcame me but tears started coming to my eyes. these weren't just "watery eyes" they were full blown running-down-my-face-unable-to-control-myself-tears. I wasn't trying to make scene! I tried to play out different scenarios in my mind to convince myself that he wasn't "lonely" and that he was completely content. But he wasn't wearing a wedding band and he didn't look very happy. I couldn't see a sparkle in his eye; probably because it's so stinkin' dark in there! I sort of feel silly now but at the time it completely broke my heart. He ordered dessert, paid his bill and soon after his spot at the table was replaced with a cute newly engaged couple. I don't know what more I could have done. What would you have done?

That brings me to bullying. (I told you it was bound to happen).
There is this show called What Would You Do? Brookie and KC introduced it to us.
One segment that we watched was about cyber-bullying.
Imagine this:
You're at a coffee shop, minding your own business reading a book or whatever. A few tables down from you, you hear these 3 loud teenage, really pretty girls talking about a fellow student at their school. Pretty soon you hear enough information to understand they are looking at a Facebook page on a laptop and they clearly think they are far better looking than the "Facebook girl". You hear them say things like, "Gross! Why would anyone post a picture of themselves like that?!" or "Haha Jaime is so fat! Lets tell her. I'm going to write it on her wall." or "She is so ugly!! She really shouldn't go out in public anymore." Then these 3 girls decide they want to post a video on the poor girls wall of them taking a poll of people in the coffee shop telling "Jaime" that she is ugly.
They come to your table and ask you, "would you look at the camera and say 'Jaime, you're so ugly!'"
What would you do?

Let me tell you that those 3 teenage girls were hired as actresses and "Jaime" was a fake Facebook profile.

But cyber-bullying is out there. It is real. There are really teenagers, male and female, out there who do this sort of thing everyday. They belittle those around them whom they think are below themselves. But like one of the bystanders said to the girls, Those 3 girls didn't do anything to "earn" their good looks. They were fortunate enough to be born pretty and into families where they could afford good fashion and able to do extra-curricular activities.

Bullying is really sad to me.
I'm trying to figure out something I can do to help the situation but I am struggling. do any of you have an idea?

Well I don't want to end on a "downer" kind of note, so I'll have to leave you with something cheerful so that you can enjoy your lovely weekend.

Biggest Loser is an awesome show! everyone is looking so good! Thankfully Zack likes it too. we usually miss the first hour but make it home in time to see the weigh in. It's so good.

Well my fine feathered friends, and those who may not be so feathered, I shall go now. We are headed up to see my sister-in-law and her cute little family today. They are in Ogden. We get to get out of Provo for a bit. (THANK YOU KIM!!)

I hope to write soon. I really miss it. And I love you all :)

P.S. I love you, Moonfish.

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