Saturday, March 5, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner? Anyone?

Alright so call me a bad wife if you must, but I think having breakfast for dinner 2 nights in a row is a good idea. 5 stars if you ask me because, well, I heart breakfast. So pleasing to my tummy.

Last night, Friday. I did make dinner and we ate at 5, a pretty normal time, right? Well Zack went off to play basketball and some how between 7 and 9 pm I worked up a pretty hefty appetite. With it being 9 pm and all, I was not going to whip out another dinner? so it was Honey Nut Cheerios (well the store brand, Honey Nut Scooters just doesn't sound as good) with bananas. Yumm, I know you agree, yes?

And tonight, we went to Subway and ate a late lunch/early dinner. That was about 4 pm and there we were starving by 7:30! Okay, Zack wasn't starving, but I was. Man, I get hungry fast.

I was so desirous to consume waffles so I had no choice but to convince Zack that he would be hungry for blueberry waffles by the time I got them cooked and dished. May I brag for a second, please? These were the best waffles I have ever eaten in my entire life. I don't know what it was about them. Perhaps it was the blueberries I added? or the cinnamon? No, I think it was the raspberry syrup I made. It was so good! My waffles didn't turn out as good looking as Zack's (the darn thing was sticking to both sides of the iron and split in half, crappy waffle iron) but I can tell you that mine tasted far better than his.

I wanted to invite our friend Carly and Court over to join us for waffles but something about them being 12 hours away held them back. Tomorrow I will get back into the real world and out of this breakfast fantasy I have created for myself these past 2 days. Chicken and mashed potatoes. Doesn't sound as good, does it?

Have a Happy Sunday.

We're going to watch Pretty Woman. I love that movie.

P.S. I love you


  1. Breakfast for dinner is always the right choice. I have it at least once a week (: Your pictures are adorable!

  2. I love breakfast for dinner! When I was a little kid we always used to have it on report card day, as a special treat!

  3. Okay, your blog is absolutely adorable! Your header is stunning...simply adore it!!

    I can only eat breakfast for dinner. Weird, right? It just tastes SO much better at dinner! We would love to come over for waffles!! : )

  4. YAY i love breakfast for dinner haha. you look so cute in the photos! and i love your blog! x

  5. oh hi. we were meant to be friends. based purely on the fact that i LIVE for breakfast but rarely eat it in the actual morning like you are "supposed" to. The husband and i eat breakfast at all hours of the day/night. it

    and your comment on my hair made me laugh.

  6. I LOVE Breakfast for dinner! .....just did it last night!;)
    and l.o.v.e. pretty woman.

    you are tooooo cute!

  7. i love your craft projects. i wonder who taught you to make waffles?