Friday, March 4, 2011

I Must Confess

I have something I need to get off my chest. I lied. I told you earlier this week that my living room in my apartment was complete. Well it's not. I added tons. I painted a lot. I reorganized. I reduced, reused, recycled a bit. I think now it is complete. well maybe I'll keep adding to it as we go on but I am pretty stinkin' pleased with it. Zack is pleased as well.

This is a little guy that was sticking out like a sore thumb no matter how far we shoved him in the corner!-

I swear spring is here, it really is! while I was out there sanding and painting the quail birds where walking around trying to find a place to nest, bugs were out 'a flying- landing on my fresh paint too! But no matter, I was happy to be warm and outside I wasn't even wearing a sweater. No sir, I wasn't. Short sleeves and, well, my trusty old painting jeans.

And this is what the dude looked like after-

(not so manly now, is he?)

One of the best parts about this whole project was that it only cost me $11 and some change, real deal, huh?!

So here is what you need to achieve this task:

1. find an old basement apartment in a college town, such as Provo, UT
*be sure the house is owned by an amazing land lord.
*make sure there is a lot of what people would call "junk", such as old doors, broken tables, out of date pictures of painted flowers in gold frames, you know, stuff like that
2. live in the apartment for over a year and a half and then decide it is time to decorate and make it feel like home.
3. dig out the old "junk" and find a way to sand and paint it so that it looks happier
4. love the items you bring in your home
5. continue to have love for your home
6. Love God and express it in your home (cheesy, I know, but it make a house a home!)

And that is how I got to here:

Well this obviously isn't my whole apartment, just a corner.

So either it looks cute or it looks like junk, either way I like it and that's what matters since I have to live in it and all.

I found this gal in our drive way. This isn't the original "before" picture, this after I demangled her, cleaned her off, and sanded a few corners:

And this is what she looks like after:

So I decided it probably looks like a really crappy paint job instead of distressed. Hmmm.

That was a fun project for me.

P.S. I love you


  1. LOVE this! and I also love how your furniture has a gender haha

  2. This is fantastic! Seriously. Eleven dollars?? I must take notes.


  3. I love your redo's! They are just awesome! And I love what you did with the stool. I can't do that kind of stuff very well. Your so cute!