Thursday, March 10, 2011

Date Night! Whoo!

Last night there was reason for celebration. Zack had been juggling so many different assignments and tasks with school that he was beginning to feel a bit over whelmed. But last night he completed a test that he had been studying so hard for and finally- it's done. and he didn't do so bad, if I do say so myself.

So to honor the great achievement, I decided to take Zack out for a treat {really it was Zack's suggestion and I tried to talk us out of it because I didn't work out that day, but it didn't work. Zack wanted a frosty and I couldn't honestly resist}. A frosty from our friend Wendy's. It was delicious, as expected.

{This is a reenactment of the balloons that tried to attack me}

{I tried to frown while eating a frosty one time, it didn't work out so well}

{Makes you want a frosty right now, doesn't it?}

We also had a bishops interview last night. He asked us, "do you have regular weekly date night?"
"We have date night every night."

And I love it :)

Mostly our dates consist of some sort of sporting event such as basketball or football, and food, of course. Sometimes our date is Zack studying and me reading or surfing the webesphere so there isn't much conversation, but you know, we feel the love.

This makes I wonder what other couples do for their official date nights compared to just a regular old evening. There have been talks in church about how important it is to have a date night weekly. Is this meant for families with children when a husband and wife won't have time to themselves?

Also I have been wondering, why do they have to put swear words in movies? I mean honestly it doesn't add much to the story and a lot of times it sounds out of place. I'm okay with a word here or there I guess but when they drop the "F-Bomb" every 5 seconds that's when it gets ridiculous. Even in kids movies it's sort of used casually, maybe not direct profanity, but poor vocabulary skills.

Another thought, last one, what should I have for breakfast...?


  1. Hi Kylee! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you will be reading it! I was looking on your blog, and I was wondering if you had the following option? I would love to follow along on your blog and read your posts. Your blog looks great!



  2. Your blog is cute, I'm a new follower! It can sometimes be hard to get creative with date nights, but even if you do something simple, you can make it more fun by putting some extra effort into it. My cousin came up with a great date night idea, check it out:

  3. Aw this post makes me want to get married even more! xo

  4. Yay date nights! We kind of have date nights every night too. Oh the joys of being a newlywed:-) It's just different variations of date night. Fancy or low-key, big or small, planned or spontaneous:-) A frosty is always a good choice! xoxo

  5. Everyday a date night? That's adorable. Such a fantastic idea :)

  6. HAHA.

    I love date nights every night. Brilliant.

    totally want a frosty now......

  7. I love that you have a date night every night! That is sooo cute! I will definitly let you know if we have a blog party! So fun to get to hang out!

  8. You are so sweet. Of course you can follow my blog.

    I'm a new follower of you :)

  9. date night every night = awesome. and next time we go to wendy's i'm so going to try and eat it while frowning. and for breakfast - pancakes. pancakes are always a good choice.

  10. I agree with the swear word thing! So unnecessary! What a fun date night!