Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Thought From Me to You

So here I am, just minding my own business watching the make over episode of America's Next Top model (I'm not a regular, but if I were this would be my FAVORITE episode to watch every season) and on pops a commercial (as expected because this happens when the show reaches a climax point and decides to drive you crazy by throwing ads at you). This commercial is featuring a close up on a 40-something year old wearing too much eyeliner and gorgeous hair. As they slowly pan out they show her escorting two children. They are showing all these men around her gawking, crashing their bikes, tripping- you know, that's the way men act when they are around pretty woman , I guess. I've never actually witnessed it. At the end of the commercial the say something to the effect of "Be confident after you have plastic surgery" and the contact info for "(bleep)Plastic Surgery" flashes the screen.

The very next commercial is showing a house wife, typical mother looking at pictures of past memories and her going through and "erasing" the flaws that she sees with her body. And the contact information for that plastic surgery company comes on the screen, different from the last one.

What? Why do we have to resort to going under the knife to feel pretty? I see billboards around here that say "Love your legs, love your life". Umm I wouldn't say I love my legs. in fact I hate my skin on my legs and even on my arms but hey, it's my skin and I love my life still!

So why are there so many ads telling people, more specifically women, that what they have right now is not good enough and they will not be happy? There are shows out there about weight lose and I think that is a better approach rather than puncturing skin.

Shows like Biggest Loser and Shedding for the Wedding, are done by showing people that it's a lifestyle change to achieve the goal that those Plastic Surgery doctors promise.

I don't know, maybe I'm not one to talk. But I can say that ever since 9th grade I have had body image issues. I won't go into details but I'm learning to just be happy with what I was given. To be happy with what I can control. I can't make my feet smaller, my hair longer, my eyes prettier. But I can take my husband's word when he tells me he thinks I'm beautiful.

I just want all girls to feel pretty. Everyone from 2 to 108 years old deserves to feel pretty. What can we do to help those around us feel prettier? I always like to think of what I would like myself to make me feel pretty. I was at a store one time waiting in line to check out and this complete stranger told me she thought my hair was gorgeous. It was so ugly that day! but it made me feel so good. How many times do we go about our day looking a girls and thinking how good they look, how cute their shoes are, how lovely their skirt is? And do you always tell them? Some times I do. Some times I get the guts to share my feelings to that model pretty girl rockin' the gorgeous waves of blond hair flowing down their shoulders, but most of the time I am guilty of holding back.

So I am challenging myself to speak up more. I'm going to share my compliments. I don't want them to come across as fake (as some girl in high school so kindly labeled me as).
Would you like to join me in this challenge?

I love these little suckers!
Sometimes Clara tells me I'm a princess :)

P.S. I love y.o.u.


  1. First of all who labeled you fake? I'll take them out!

    Second I am working on this challenge too!! Our home teachers gave us this goal of talking less negatively about others, so I took it a step further and I tell people when I think something positive (most of the time). I even went as far as to email a past teacher because some friends and I were talking about her in a positive way so I told her. It's REALLY scary, but I've noticed that it makes me feel better too, you know?

  2. I wish I could help others feel pretty and I think I do better when I feel pretty! I am trying to do better at that myself so I can help others and it's amazing! Can I totally talk about you on my blog? Cause I really want to talk about you here! Love ya! You are gorgeous btw!

  3. Umm so I don't know you and totally came across your blog because I was blog stalking but I love love love this post. A lot. So I thought I'd let you know.