Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Weekdays

What a crazy long day! I had a pretty difficult start to the week. I thought it began with the fact that I brought the wrong pair of pants with me to work today to change into. But as the morning grew on I knew it had to be something else.
I felt completely anxious and stressed over every little thing that presented it's self to me. The gloom cloud continued to hover over my desk until I broke out into tears.
The clouds would part slightly and I'd begin to relax and focus on my work but they would return soon enough (or far too soon for my liking) and the tears would break the dam again.
I tried to inform everyone that my blood was boiling and I was in a pretty bad mood. I was snippy about everything. That only brought more tears.
I was having issues today, my friends. Serious issues.
I was looking for Prince Charming to save me from these swings of emotions.
Zack sent me a message (after I had text him a million times to tell him how sucky I was feeling)
"we need to do something to cheer you up tonight. Ice Cream?"
my reply,
"or my meds!"
That's right folks. I hadn't taken my happy pills in a few days and the effects were finally wiggling their selves out of my body.
Prince Charming (AKA Moonfish) came and took me away for a little break and to pick up the prescription.
I doubt my pill kicked in as quickly as I started feeling better. I'm pretty sure the cause for my sudden cheerful disposition was because of my honey coming to see me. I only had an hour left of work by the time I got back so that was perfect timing.
I love Zack!
Then I got caught in the rain on my way home.
Oh rain. You're stupid. Stop coming to visit.
I was welcomed by the stench of drenched carpet in our bedroom when I walked in the door. We noticed the smell this weekend and we could not figure out what it was! We cleaned everything possible. Then we noticed a large wet spot next to one of the walls in the bed room. The smell got so bad that it woke me up this morning. Bleh!
Our trusty fix-it man (Our landlord's go-to guy) came by and pulled up the carpet. Sure enough, soaked. The gross scent consumed the entire apartment. We are leaving the carpet pad exposed so that it can dry out. I don't think I'll be able to sleep in the bed room tonight.

All in all I'm ready for the day to end. I'm ready to take advantage of the weather and use it for some serious cuddle time.

Happy Monday! And I wish you an even better Tuesday!

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