Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am not my sisters keeper

Why can't you just accept our love?
Accept the fact that we care about you and are concerned for your well being?
Accept the fact that we will try to find you when we haven't heard from you in months?
Accept that your brothers miss you?

Your brothers don't even know who you are.
They were too young to remember "Buddy Bears".
Too young to remember that you loved to watch soap operas.
They weren't there when we would watch 7th Heaven on a weekly basis.
They don't remember how cute your laugh was when you got super happy
Or when you would tickle me until I almost peed my pants.

You were there when our family, all dressed in white, went into the sacred room to become a forever family.

I wish you would let us love you.
I wish you would love us back.
I wish you cared about yourself as much as your family cares about you.

I am angry with you.
I'm angry that you push us away when we reach out to you.
I'm angry that you belittle yourself.
I'm angry that you limit your potential.

But I love you.
Sister, I really, truly love you.

I want to be your best friend.
I want to be there for you when you have a hard day.
I want to be there when you had an amazing day.

I want you in my life.
Why won't you let me be?


  1. Wow. That was an amazing expression of love. love you