Thursday, May 12, 2011

My dear, sweet Carolina (I have yet to decid on a name but this will work for a stand in until then)

I don't know what all you know about my commute to work this days, but let me tell you it's a totally different world out there.

When you don't just hop in your car only to inevitably get annoyed with other drivers and pedestrians that are inconsiderate of where I have to go- you see so many things you've never noticed before. Like broken took brushed on the road (I know, what?) or the homeless man who lives near the river but is so kind!
During the days of snow, I would take the bus. A $2.25 fare {I'm pretty sure it's up to $2.50 now} and a 30 min ride would get me there all in one piece. When you're on the bus, you meet all sorts of people I have never really interacted with very much since living in bubble-like Provo. Cute elderly women, older men with handicaps. It's quite interesting, although, I think it would be a lot more fun if we all broke out into song and dance while we were driving around picking up more friends. But I don't think that would happen. How would we all know the same dance moves? Right?

Now that the weather is more friendly I ride my bike.
Absolutely love it! We could totally work it out to where I take the car every day but I like the early morning work out and then the work out at the end of the day.
I realized I kind of have a little bit of road rage. Cars can be so inconsiderate. But the sucky thing {which maybe it's actually a good thing} I don't have a horn to honk at them to show them how stupid they are. So I tend to shake my fist. Okay really, I just roll my eyes because if I shook my fist I'm sure they would come after me, alright maybe not while I'm in Provo, but I shouldn't make it a habit in case I ride my bike outside the bubble.

The people I see while riding are so cool. I ride through this cute little neighborhood where the husbands are out early mowing their yards, groups of women are speed walking while catching up on yesterday's rumors. My favorite is this cute couple, probably late 40's, who walk their 3 dogs. A great Dane, a golden retriever, and some really tiny dog. they are the cutest.
One day when I was riding, I was coming up to a group of kids waiting for the bus to come gather them for school and these 2 boys walked out into the middle of the road chests puffed up, hands on hips, eyebrows scowling, blocking part of the road. Maybe I would have been slightly intimidated if they weren't 3 feet tall and had cute little smiles on their face.

There's this guy who leaves for work about the time I get to his street. He rides his bike too. Only his is a really nice bike and he is dressed in his cool cycling outfit. Dude, he can fly up that hill! It takes a lot of work for me. But he is so friendly, says "good morning" whenever we cross paths.

I know what you're thinking- "uh don't you totally stink up the office when you get there?"
Yes, yes I would. If I didn't shower. I wouldn't bike if they didn't have showers. I just get ready for work when I get there. I don't even bother at home.

And that, my dear friends, is what I do almost every day. If it's raining a lot then we figure something else out but other than that- I will stay devoted to taking my bike out to stretch her chains. She's awesome.

K love you, bye!

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  1. I love love love being able to ride my bike everywhere! I bet your jailbait boyfriends miss you tons!