Sunday, May 22, 2011

House Rules

We don't have house rules around here.
If I want to stay up past 10 pm on a school (work) night, I totally can. If I want to eat dessert before dinner, I can. If I don't feel like doing Saturday morning chores, I don't have to.
And this pleaseth my soul.

But lately, I have felt a little out of control. I have neglected the dishes. I have been sleeping in because I have been going to bed far later than I should be. I have not been eating a well balanced dinner!

What is to become of me??

Well, I'm quite certain I will grow up to be a fine young lady, but I should really set some boundaries for myself, shouldn't I? I mean, I should have a bit of self control. A few more restrictions. Higher expectations for my standards, right?

I shall. From now on, I will be more disciplined.

I will eat 2 to 3 well balanced meals.
I will go to bed before 9:30 on week days.
(mostly because I can't function after 9:30 anyways)
I will do my chores, weekly.


  1. Don't do it! All the best infomercials come on at 11! And dirty dishes are the greatest. thing. ever. to wake up to. ha!

  2. I need to do that too! I should try doing that too. Sorry we couldn't get together while we were in Utah. Next time.

  3. Good for you. I had to have a baby to realize how important sticking to a schedule is, and chores are still a little iffy sometimes.

    You are so grown up.