Tuesday, May 10, 2011

when i have too much free time- this is what my miond makes me think about

If i were famous i could write a New York Bestseller. i would be asked to do a book tour and sit at Barnes and Noble signing a bagillion books for "fans". Oprah would call me and ask me to appear on her show. I could decide i dont just want to write books- i want to write music too. Taylor Swift would mentor me. she would co-write songs with we. She would ask me to guest sing in her newest single that is expected to hit the top ten charts for several weeks. I could decide i want a break from the music industry and that i want to travel the world performing humanitarian service and becoming cultures. i could build orphanages and make a real difference in a place where no one knew my "famous name". i would be come a better person. could all that ONLY happen if i were famous? what if i wanted to do it as just a "normal" girl? would i have any sort of impact in anyone's life? these are things i wonder about when i have too much time on my hands

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